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Pengerusi baru Umno Selangor diumum selepas Raya, kata Ismail

Timbalan pengerusi perhubungan Umno Selangor, Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan kini memangku tugas pengerusi.

Semenyih polls victory shows BN is not a ‘kampung party’, says...

The former prime minister says Semenyih is an urban seat and BN had received tremendous support from the people.

More offences in Semenyih than previous 5 by-elections, says Bersih

The electoral reforms group says there has been no attempt at prosecuting culprits despite previous reports on election offences.

Here’s a six-step plan for PH to buck up

The Semenyih defeat shows that the trust people had in Pakatan Harapan after GE14 is waning and it needs to work harder and fulfill its promises if it wants to remain in power after the next general election.

Semenyih is not the end of the world for PH

While PH should not feel too crestfallen by what happened in Semenyih, it must accept the fact that Malaysians now feel empowered to punish the government.

Racism, the spoke in the wheel of reforms

Pakatan Harapan leaders must do more to counter the racist claims of Ketuanan Melayu politicians if they are serious about genuine reform in the country.

Mat Sabu seru Amanah sedia hadapi gabungan Umno-PAS

Presiden Amanah berkata hubungan Umno dan PAS semakin intim ke arah pembentukan sebuah gabungan politik.

Pakatan’s loss in Semenyih: Reasons or excuses?

Losing Semenyih is not the end of the world for Pakatan Harapan but it should learn lessons from the defeat.

Dr M, the worst election offender in Semenyih?

The prime minister's speech implied that discrimination against opposition-led constituencies is perfectly 'normal' and a long-standing practice.

PKR: PH kalah di Semenyih kerana terpesong dari perjuangan asal

PH dikatakan mengikut plot politik sempit berasaskan agenda perkauman dan agama.

Covering New Malaysia, May 9 to March 2

Pakatan Harapan has been slipping up in recent weeks, including in Semenyih where it lost.

Back to drawing board after Semenyih loss, says Syed Saddiq

He says this is not the time to point fingers or put the blame on others.

Plan for new clinic in Semenyih still on, says Dzulkefly

He is confident of obtaining the land and allocation from the state government to realise this project.

Semenyih win shows Chinese, Indian votes no longer a factor, says...

Umno vice-president says BN’s win is a message to the Chinese and Indians that it can win without their support.

Dr M blames Umno-PAS alliance, nation’s debt for Semenyih loss

The prime minister says the ruling coalition has however managed to improve its performance despite the alliance between the two parties.

Dzulkefly: Pembinaan klinik di Semenyih diteruskan

Pembinaan klinik terbabit perlu direalisasikan bagi memastikan penduduk di kawasan itu mendapat kemudahan perubatan kesihatan yang baik.

Our hands are tied, give us time, says Anwar on Semenyih...

The PKR president says that given time, the people will understand why the government is taking long to carry out certain measures.

I lost the election but won many hearts, says Kuan

'Uncle Kentang' sees hope for independent candidates after securing 725 votes.

Attack me at your peril, Najib tells PH leaders

The former prime minister also credits his 'Bossku' tagline for BN's by-election victory today.

PH, BN candidates are ‘cocky’ for disregarding rules, says 10-sen man

Independent candidate Kuan Chee Hong and PSM's Nik Aziz Afiq Abdul are disappointed with PPBM's Muhammad Aiman Zainali and Umno's Zakaria Hanafi for asking voters to vote for them.

We’re not campaigning, say cheering, flag-waving PH and BN supporters at...

They claim they are not asking for votes and their actions are legal.

Bersih lodges 4 police reports on offences during Semenyih polling

The reports concern transportation for voters and the setting up of voter assistance booths.

PH candidate Aiman broke election rules, Bersih alleges

The electoral watchdog's chairman Thomas Fann says asking voters to support a candidate or a party is an election offence.

Voting begins for Semenyih by-election

Candidates join 'early birds' at polling stations.