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Gunshots fired by militants, soldiers in Kashmir

First signs of unrest since India restored mobile phone connectivity after a prolonged shutdown.

Catalan leaders jailed 9 to 13 years for trying to break...

Separatists say ruling an "atrocity" and "attack on democracy" as police prepare for violence.

India toughens crackdown on Kashmir – more detained, movement curbed

Authorities overnight detained 60 more people from the Jamaat-e-Islami, besides more than 100 held the previous night.

Talks with Patani separatists at early stage, says former IGP

Rahim Nor says the talks are to unite the various liberation groups so that they will have one single voice when facing the Thai government.

Efforts to solve southern Thai conflict take time, says Mahathir

He says Malaysia needs to find out what exactly the separatist groups want in terms of autonomy.

Thousands march in Barcelona to protest jailing of separatist leaders

The march had been called by a platform set up in March to "defend Catalan institutions" and "the rights and fundamental freedoms" of its citizens.

Puigdemont slips out of Finland despite arrest warrant

Puigdemont, who lives in self-imposed exile in Belgium, had been visiting Finland since Thursday for talks with lawmakers.

Protests in Catalonia after independence leaders held

Five people are held in custody, including Catalan presidential candidate Jordi Turull who was due Saturday to seek a second round vote in the regional parliament, after failing to be elected earlier in the week.

Catalonia ‘Republic Now’ march draws tens of thousands

Some 45,000 people joined the "Republic Now" march called by the influential pro-independence citizens' group ANC.

China signals hardened stance on Hong Kong, Taiwan

China has voiced its opposition to both Taiwanese and Hong Kong independence.

Malaysian-brokered Southern Thailand peace talks agree on safety zone

Bangkok’s peace negotiation head says pilot project with separatist militants’ representative MARA Patani will hopefully pave way for lasting peace in southern provinces.

Cameroonian troops enter Nigeria seeking separatists, defense agency says

The separatists have been seeking to create an independent nation for over a year.

Catalan parliament to meet, but without sacked leader

Catalonia's parliament will meet without Carles Puigdemont, who is in self-imposed exile in Belgium.

Madrid to maintain direct rule if self-exiled Catalan separatist re-elected, PM...

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy also denied the idea of Carles Puigdemont leading Catalonia from exile, should he be elected president of Catalonia.

At least 15,000 Cameroonian refugees flee to Nigeria amid crackdown

The influx of refugees is related to a separatist movement that has gained much traction in Cameroon.

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont makes stunning comeback

Shouts of 'Puigdemont, president' fill the air after separatist parties won 70 seats out of 135.

Refer demands to Malaysia, Thai separatist group told

Pattani-based Barisan Revolusi Nasional has been asked to register its demands with Malaysia, which is the facilitator for the southern Thailand peace process.