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Cops who charged into home were ‘nice’, says daughter of arrested...

She says the cops did not handcuff her father and even took him to service centre to sign some cheques.

Cops looking into lawyer’s claim that Nora Anne’s family involved in...

Irish lawyer Anne Brennan is accusing the Quoirin family of doing 'everything in their power to subvert the course of justice'.

Nora Anne’s body claimed by family

The body of the teen, who was found dead on Tuesday, was taken from the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital to KLIA.

Man who claimed Nora Anne raped by Orang Asli nabbed

The 29-year-old suspect, known as 'Zikri Armstrong', was detained after he gave a statement at the Seremban police headquarters.

France opens criminal probe into death of Nora

The Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation for kidnapping.

Irish teen’s family wants cops to consider criminal angle too

This contradicts an earlier report that quoted the Quoirin family lawyer as saying the family will not demand a criminal investigation into Nora Anne's death.

1 platun PGA dikerah cari remaja Ireland hilang

Seramai 159 anggota terlibat mencari Nora Anne Quoirin yang dilaporkan hilang dari sebuah resort di Seremban semalam.

Cops deploy additional men in search for missing Irish girl

Authorities have also expanded their search area.

Remaja dari London hilang di Seremban

BBC melaporkan Nora Quoirin, 15, hilang kira-kira 6.30 pagi ketika tinggal di sebuah hotel di Seremban.

Delectable success for local chocolate confectioner

How a dream, a dash of ingenuity and hard work created a recipe for success for an entrepreneur.

Polis ambil keterangan 10 saksi bagi kes dera warga emas

Polis berkata, 7 laporan polis diterima setakat ini berhubung dakwaan mendera warga emas di sebuah pusat jagaan warga emas di Seremban 3 oleh seorang penyelia sejak 3 tahun lalu.

Seremban Hospital denies killing stray dogs, says it’s only catching them

Tuanku Jaafar Hospital director Dr Jazari Jamaluddin says operation followed standard protocol after NGO intervenes and rescues caged canines amid claims of torture.

Daripada hobi, kini tanaman orkid raih RM50,000 sebulan

Nurseri Orkid Seremban terletak di Mambau diusahakan bapa Ng Zhi Hui sejak 34 tahun lalu, yang merupakan hobi masa kecilnya menanam orkid.

Rantau’s orchids a blooming business for the Ng family

The Seremban Orchid Nursery in Mambau sees sales of up to RM50,000 a month, with thousands of the popular flowering plant purchased by high-end customers.

Mosque denies role in alleged poisoning of dogs

The mosque's chairman, Mohd Asna Amin says he only complained about the wild dogs roaming around the mosque to the local authorities and the Veterinary Department.

We haven’t been notified about Friday’s ICERD rally, say cops

A gathering against the government's plan to ratify the United Nations treaty is scheduled to be held in Seremban.

Jempol remains with BN, court throws out PPBM’s election petition

This is PPBM's second petition against Barisan Nasional to be struck out by the Election Court.

HFMD: Satu lagi prasekolah ditutup di Seremban

Hingga hari ini, jumlah kes yang dilaporkan adalah 1,853 kes, berbanding hanya 591 kes untuk tempoh sama pada 2017, iaitu peningkatan hingga 214%.

Seremban-KL commuter train to resume on Wednesday

One trip at 7.08am to KL Sentral and one return trip at 5.55pm to Seremban on week days.

Malaysian wins at New York food show, gets break with major...

Seremban lass Auria Abraham says she is trying to bring Malaysian food like lime leaf sambal and pandan kaya from her childhood to the US market.

Arul insists Jho Low not linked to 1MDB

1MDB president says Low Taek Jho never worked with the company or received payment from it.

Don’t politicise 1MDB, says Arul Kanda

1MDB president says political parties should debate based on facts, not dwell on personal attacks.

Napsiah Omar meninggal dunia

Saudara terdekat beliau Datuk Yahya Hamid berkata beliau meninggal dunia di rumah anak lelakinya di Ampang Jaya di Kuala Lumpur.

Waytha claims family threatened after Mahathir forum

Hindraf chief believes threatening phone call to be politically motivated, just like assault by two men on him in August last year.