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Tag: Seremban

Arson confirmed as cause of Seremban market fire

Petrol was detected in samples collected from the scene.

Son of Hindu man buried by Islamic authority starts legal action

Roseli Mahat says there has been no move to relocate his father’s remains to a Hindu cemetery a month after the Negeri Sembilan Islamic Affairs Department forcibly took away the body.

Kami tak rasis, kata pengendali salun ‘Hak milik Bumiputera’

Ketua pegawai operasi rangkaian 6 salun itu berkata, kain rentang 'Hak milik Bumiputera' dan 'Ruang Muslimah disediakan' digantung sejak cawangan di Seremban 2 itu mula beroperasi pada 2012.

IGP wants to take cooking classes after retiring

Khalid Abu Bakar, who has been with the police force for four decades, plans on picking up new culinary skills at the Malaysian Institute of Baking in Petaling Jaya.

Lebih 1200 pelajar sekolah dikesan terlibat dadah

AADK juga mengesan 337 pelajar Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam dan swasta terlibat dengan penyalahgunaan dadah.

Wild bear found roaming in Seremban, no one injured

A team from the Perhilitan office managed to catch the animal which is believed to have strayed from a nearby forest reserve.

Boy, 15, dies after being forced to drink poison

It is alleged that teenager was earlier held down and forced to drink liquid believed to be insecticide by youths whom he had allegedly scolded for sniffing glue.

‘Fainting’ ruse sees man lose RM18,000 to pickpocket

A local politician in Seremban finds his back pocket empty after coming to the aid of a man, who was in front of him on the escalator and had pretended to faint.

Ex-clerk charged with 38 counts of falsifying documents

Maidzatul Ashra Mokhtar is alleged to have falsified the documents with the intention of cheating her superior.

MACC summons cops, customs staff over hotel claims

Civil servants submit false hotel stay claims while on official duty in Klang Valley when in reality, they never stay in hotels.

Tahanan lari dari lokap mahkamah lebih 2 minggu ditahan

Ketua polis daerah Seremban berkata, lelaki berumur 29 tahun itu diberkas dalam serbuan di sebuah rumah di Taman Bukit Kelisa, kira-kira 9.15 malam semalam.

Detainee who escaped from Seremban lock-up caught

The robbery suspect had fled on March 10 and was found in a house last night.

Many voters at one address: MP says he found 1,000 cases

Anthony Loke raises the spectre of a hidden hand at work.

Remand extended for ex-municipal council president held for corruption

Two contractors who were also arrested in connection with the corruption case were released on MACC bail.

Cockroaches and worms on the menu no more

Health officers close down well-known fast food restaurant in Seremban and probe another in Nilai.

Billboard crashes onto house, teenager hurt

House owner had complained to Nilai Municipal Council of billboard being too close to his home just two weeks ago.

Seremban school still hit by incidents of hysteria

Negeri Sembilan Education Department welcomes efforts by any individual or body with the expertise to resolve the problem that began in August.

Govt bank trying to auction paralysed man’s house

Balan Perumal, who was paralysed in a workplace accident, claims his home is being sold under auction by Bank Simpanan Nasional without any notice.

Rumah OKU dilelong tanpa notis, BSN digesa bertimbang rasa

Selepas ditimpa kemalangan pada Jun 2015 semasa bekerja di sebuah syarikat kimpalan besi, Balan lumpuh di bahagian bawah badan dan kini menunggu pampasan.

Police shoot dead three who attacked them

The foreigners are believed to have been involved in a spate of robberies and house-breakings in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan.

Sekolah mubaligh Kristian tertua di NS terus tabur bakti

SMK St. Paul merupakan sekolah Inggeris pertama ditubuhkan Mubaligh Kristian La Salle Brothers di Negeri Sembilan pada 1899.

Serial arsonist caught in Seremban

Suspect had set clothes and books on fire at various shopping malls and claimed he did it “for fun.”

Malls in Seremban on alert for arsonist

Police believe man has set at least five fires at three shopping malls since yesterday.

Indonesian maid sought in Seremban murder case

Employer, 78, was found at bungalow in Taman Paroi Jaya with her hands tied with a towel, strangulation marks on her neck and jewellery missing.