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Tag: Settlers

Felda will rise again with confidence of settlers restored, says Azmin

The economic affairs minister says the PH government is committed to bringing back the glory of the agency through the Settlers Development Programme launched today.

As new business model rolls in, Felda settlers urged to change...

Felda director-general Othman Omar says settlers cannot continue to expect handouts from the government.

Mahathir to announce new Felda initiative to boost income of settlers

Felda director-general Othman Omar hopes more settlers get involved in cash crop cultivation.

It makes more sense to integrate your lands, Dr M tells...

The prime minister says settlers should look into joining forces to earn better revenue.

PM confirms RM300 ‘duit raya’ for Felda settlers

He says this will cost RM34 million but the government realises the difficulties they were undergoing.

Felda denies settlers at risk of losing land rights

The law does not allow the land to be broken down, leased or sub-leased, says land management official.

5 reasons how PH failed Felda, according to Najib

He says settlers were misled by Pakatan's promises and avoided repaying, causing Felda's cash flow problem.

Veteran activist hopes RM6 bil put to good use by Felda

Mazlan Aliman says Pakatan Harapan must learn from past mistakes.

We can’t afford houses meant for us, say Felcra settlers

Pertubuhan Generasi Felcra Nasional (GESA) wants the government to review the hefty price tags on the houses built on land given to them.

Let Felda settler chair agency, says activist

Activist Mazlan Aliman says someone who directly knows the issues of Felda settlers should head the agency so that problems will be resolved quickly.

Shahrir Samad quits as Felda chairman

BN’s former Johor Bahru MP says he introduced improvements in the Felda administration and management system, and regained confidence of settlers.

Activist hails ‘brave’ Felda voters

Mazlan Aliman says PH victories in 19 of 54 seats in Felda settlement areas proves that voters there dare to make changes.

Sivarasa sues Umno leader over Ijok land claims

The lawyer and two others are seeking damages from Umno Supreme Council member Irmohizam Ibrahim.

3,000 new voters make it more difficult for PH in Labis

Pakatan Harapan’s Labis candidate says, however, that compared with previous elections, the opposition is now able to enter Felda settlements and talk to voters there.

Felda settlers will support PH, says Muhyiddin

The party president says he is confident PPBM will be able to win the 20 parliamentary seats in Felda areas it is contesting.

Politics and palm oil: A potent mixture at the polls

The EU's proposed ban on the import of palm oil from Malaysia is playing out in rural areas, with BN championing the livelihoods of smallholders and Felda settlers, says report.

Gatco settlers near end of the road after 6-year legal battle

Federal Court refuses them leave to apply for hearing of their complaint.

Amanah: PH resolved Ijok issue caused by BN’s unkept promises

Khalid Samad says BN is trying to create the perception that there is a scandal, resulting in MACC detaining two elderly settlers.

Ijok land settlers lodge report at MACC

Settlers allege that several individuals who signed agreement on sale of land to a developer may have been bribed.

Najib: I’m following my father’s legacy helping rural folk

We must continue his struggles, but with additional programmes as the world has changed, Prime Minister Najib Razak says of his late father Tun Abdul Razak.

Settlers give statements to MACC on Ijok land issue

MACC investigations into sale of land in Ijok sees 21 settlers giving statements today, with another 20 doing so tomorrow.

Stop dismissing Ijok land deal as private affair, S’gor govt told

BNSC deputy director says claims that transaction was a private sale between willing buyer and willing seller and that state had no say over price do not hold water.

Ijok land case: MACC arrests 6, including 2 Datuks

The 880ha of land in Selangor, valued at RM1.18 billion, was sold to several private developing companies in 2016.

Did Selangor govt lose RM4.2 billion over Ijok land, asks BN

BN's Eric See-To says even in a worst case scenario, selling the land via open tender would have reaped greater profits for the state while giving settlers more.