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Tag: Setya Novanto

Bekas speaker Indonesia jual harta bayar kembali wang rasuah

Setya Novanto dikatakan menjual rumah dan tanahnya di Jakarta dan Bogor bagi tujuan pembayaran balik wang yang dilesapkannya dalam kes rasuah projek e-KTP.

Indonesia corruption court indicts ex-parliament speaker after delays

Novanto, who resigned as speaker of parliament this week, has denied wrongdoing.

Indonesia trial delayed by graft-charged speaker’s ‘diarrhoea’

His lawyer said Novanto was too ill to take part in the trial -- despite arguments from prosecutors that three doctors had examined him earlier and declared him fit.

Speaker’s arrest puts Indonesia parliament in graft spotlight, again

Novanto is accused of orchestrating a scheme to plunder US$173 million from a government contract to introduce a national electronic identity card.

Arrested Indonesian parliament speaker pleads to keep his job

Novanto battles with the graft agency has gripped Indonesia, where newspapers have splashed the story on front pages and memes mocking him have circulated on social media.

Speaker Indonesia ditangkap dalam skandal kad pengenalan

Ahli politik veteran Setya Novanto didakwa terlibat kerugian bernilai AS$70 juta, dikaitkan dengan skim kad pengenalan elektronik negara.

Indonesia’s parliament speaker detained by anti-graft agency

Setya Novanto, one of the most senior politicians in Indonesia, has been detained for his alleged role in causing state losses of US$170 million linked to a national electronic identity card scheme.

Indonesia’s KPK: Death of witness will not derail investigation

The witness, Yohanes Marliem, was reported by US media to have died in West Hollywood on Thursday after a standoff with police involving several hostages.

Indonesia parliament speaker denies any wrongdoing in ID-card programme

Novanto told reporters he would obey the legal process, but said he was "shocked" by the allegations and denied any wrongdoing.

Indonesia house speaker banned from travel, anti-graft officer attacked

The agency has put two suspects in the case on trial and they have told a court that at least 37 politicians benefited from the theft of funds from the ID procurement budget, including speaker Setya Novanto.