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Tag: Sex Scandal

Founder of K-pop label YG resigns amid drugs and sex scandals

Yang Hyun-suk, founder of South Korea’s YG Entertainment which manages top K-pop performers, steps down from his duties as chief producer in the aftermath of drug and sex scandals involving his artists.

Deputy minister’s aide confesses to gay sex with minister

Haziq Aziz urges MACC to investigate the minister.

Woman who accuses Brazil’s Neymar of rape gives details in TV...

A woman accusing football star Neymar of sexual assault tells all in a televised interview just an hour prior to a friendly game Neymar is participating in.

S.Korean court denies arrest warrant for K-pop star Seungri

The Seoul Central District Court says there is 'room for dispute' over the singer's alleged embezzlement.

Police seek arrest warrant in K-pop sex video scandal

Police are also seeking an arrest warrant for another male for sharing sex videos.

Yong Jun-hyung, the third K-pop star embroiled in sex scandal

Yong Jun-hyung of the boy band Highlight said he watched a video of singer Jung Joon-young having sex with women taken without their consent.

Second S.Korean star quits as K-pop sex scandal spreads

Jung Joon-young announced his immediate retirement after admitting he filmed women without their consent and shared the footage online.

Victims testify at child sex abuse conference

Pope Francis says the sex abuse victims deserve decisive measures but victims are mixed in their response.

Catholic Church credibility on the line at abuse meeting

Some 180 Churchmen and women will attend unprecedented meeting which the Pope wants to be a "teaching session".

Nuns ‘sex slaves’ scandal fresh blow to Catholic church

The scandals involving nuns broke as the Catholic church struggled with a wave of cases involving paedophilia among priests worldwide.

Trump denies collusion after major revelations in Russia probe

Trump took to Twitter to address the multiple court filings in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller's sweeping investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Stop twisting statements like opposition member, Soi Lek tells Kit Siang

He reminds veteran DAP leader to behave like a member of the ruling government.

Pope urges bishops to fight abuse, clerical culture behind it

Pope Francis told newly ordained bishops that they must reject all forms of abuse and work in communion to fight the clerical culture that has fueled sex abuse and cover-up scandals.

Former S. Korea presidential hopeful acquitted in sex abuse case

The case involving Ahn Hee-jung, widely seen as a strong candidate to replace President Moon Jae-in when his term ends in 2022, is by far the highest-profile in the country's growing #MeToo movement.

Mat Sabu unfazed after Amanah members show sexy chat

Mat Sabu says he is not surprised by the allegations, saying it is a norm at every general election.

US Education Department to probe Michigan State over sex abuse scandal

The probe will centre on whether Michigan State met requirements under a federal law that bars sexual discrimination in schools that receive federal funding.

Australia’s deputy PM loses support of state branch amid sex scandal

But none of the National Party members in parliament is from Western Australia, so a loss of support from the state branch will not destabilise the government.

Oxfam says former Haiti director admitted hiring sex workers

Roland van Hauwermeiren, who led Oxfam's team in Hait, says he had engaged in 'intimate relations some three times' at his home but did not pay for them.

Two-thirds of Australians want deputy PM to resign over sex scandal,...

Barnaby Joyce, a Catholic who campaigned on "family values", refused to resign when it was made public he was expecting a child with his former staffer.

Oxfam agrees not to bid for new funding from UK government

The disaster relief charity says it wasn't right for them to bid for any new government contracts, given public concern following reports its staff had paid for sex workers.

Senegalese singer quits Oxfam role over sex scandal

Baaba Maal says what has happened on a human level is disgusting and heart-breaking.

Oxfam condemns staff over sex reports in earthquake-hit Haiti

Seven years ago, some Oxfam workers had invited groups of young prostitutes to their guesthouse for sex parties.

Party or not? Golden Globes proves test for Hollywood sex scandal

Due to the rash of recent sex scandals in Hollywood, this year's Golden Globes will have a very different tone as compared to most years.

US Cardinal linked to sex-abuse scandal dies

Bernard Law, the former archbishop of Boston was 86.