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Sabah’s rights pushed aside by federal politics, says Yong

SAPP president also takes a dig at the Warisan-led Sabah government which he says 'is at a loss on what to do'.

Calling IGP ‘liar’ is being immature and irresponsible, says Patriot

Patriot president Arshad Raji says the IGP is correct in not making public the findings of a police probe as the investigation papers are now in the custody of the office of the attorney-general.

No contradiction in response to sex allegations, says Dr M

The prime minister says action taken in 1998 was not based on video clip, and he will not be part of 'dirty politics' in the recent case.

IGP should focus on crime, not politics

The Malaysian public is less interested in the political struggles within PKR than the actual crime committed.

Confirmation by cops that sex video is authentic enough, says Umno...

Annuar Musa says the people can identify those involved for themselves.

Foreign experts confirm gay sex videos, says Umno man

Lokman Noor Adam says a forensic analysis has shown that the face of a man in the video was a match for Azmin Ali.

Haziq’s remand order extended another 3 days

Two businessmen arrested in Shah Alam yesterday have also been remanded for four days.

Top cop slams politicking over gay sex video probe

The inspector-general of police also reveals that two more arrests have been made, taking the total to 11.

No matter who it is, video mastermind must face action, says...

The PKR vice-president says there was a conspirator who had orchestrated the distribution of the videos aimed at bringing down Azmin Ali.

No camps within PKR, says information chief

Shamsul Iskandar disputes a remark by vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin about 'cracks' in the party.

Tian Chua alarmed over arrests of PKR members in sex video...

The party vice-president says its disciplinary board must act against those involved in criminal acts.

Police net tightens on gay sex video masterminds

Inspector-General of Police Hamid Bador says several suspects have been arrested, but declines to identify them.

Haziq Aziz to appeal against expulsion from PKR

The man in the gay sex video controversy says he wants the corruption allegations against Azmin Ali to be investigated.

After raunchy clips, hotel CCTV footage surfaces

New clip attempts to show those who were at a Sandakan hotel where Azmin Ali stayed in May.

Police quiz Haziq for second time over gay sex video

Azmin Ali's accuser Haziq Aziz spends seven hours at Bukit Aman.

Govt mulls making intrusion of privacy criminal offence, says Liew

The minister says this may be in addition to the proposed anti-stalking law.

Now, a YouTube clip of a phone call in KL hotel

The audio clip is one of three posted on the video-sharing site yesterday.

Group seeks funds to get US experts to verify gay sex...

They say they are concerned over 'gutter politics'.

Resign if sex video genuine, Anwar’s aide tells Azmin

Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak says he sympathises with Azmin in the wake of the sex video saga.

PKR in the news ‘for all the wrong reasons’

Two political analysts say the sex video issue has made the other PH member parties to appear less controversial.

Anwar maintains his people not behind sex video

Rely purely on facts, says PKR president as he comes out against speculation and casting aspersions on anyone.

Sex video issue should not affect party, says Anwar

He says PKR leaders are mature enough in facing the issue as they had gone through similar challenges before.

‘Leaked phone data’ was easily available, says PKR sec-gen

Saifuddin Nasution says phone numbers and addresses were collected by candidates at the party elections and were made available to interested parties.

Gutter politics can destroy trust in Pakatan, says Azmin

He vows to defend Dr Mahathir Mohamad from 'desperate, defeated' saboteurs and attacks.