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Tag: sexuality

Australia seeks to ban schools from expelling gay students

The statement follows an offer of support by the largest opposition party, Labour, to repeal legal exemptions that allow religious schools to discriminate.

Fujikawa becomes first openly gay male pro golfer

Tadd Fujikawa made the announcement on an Instagram post.

It’s tough for women in politics and here’s why, says Maria

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah says women often miss out on key decision-making in the political setting as they have added responsibilities at home.

Removal of activists’ portraits distracts from bigger issues, says Josiah

The women’s rights activist praises Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mujahid Yusof Rawa as a good and sensible person, noting he has made some strong statements on non-discrimination.

Israel set for nationwide strike over same-sex couple surrogacy ban

The Israeli government denied same-sex couples the right to surrogacy.

Angola legalises gay rights group in national first

The Angolan government has given legal recognition to Iris Angola.

Russia’s troubled Nureyev production sweeps board at ballet awards

Kirill Serebrennikov's ballet about Rudolf Nureyev won four Prix Benois awards.

Anything you want except LGBT+ rights, Uzbekistan tells UN

Uzbekistan remains staunchly opposed to decriminalising homosexual activity.

GLAAD calls for LGBTQ characters in 20% of movies by 2021

Of the 109 releases by the seven largest movie studios in 2017, only 12.8% included LGBTQ characters.

China’s LGBT+ community treads cautiously amid intolerance

China's LGBT+ community held several events to mark International Anti-Homophobia Day.

Banned film reveals challenges and progress for LGBT+ people in Kenya

The banning of the movie "Rafiki" has reflected the precarious position of LGBT+ people in Kenya.

Janelle Monáe says she’s pansexual, and web searches soar

Janelle Monáe's coming out as pansexual ignited widespread interest across the Internet.

More US schools offering safe spaces for LGBTQ youth

About 62% of middle schools and high schools had a counselor’s office, designated classroom, or student organization where LGBTQ youth could get support.

Transgender artists make history at the Oscars

Many hope that it will begin to change the field overall, and the ability of trans artists of all backgrounds to have recognition.

Court urges Anwar, Nalla, Utusan to settle defamation suit

Lawyers for litigants inform court deputy registrar they have to take instruction from their clients.

Straight men and women only for PDRM

Deputy IGP says different sexualities are not acceptable because of community and cultural standards.

Siti Kasim case: Let compassion win

We live in a world where hate runs rampant, but hate's kin, compassion, lives on still in all of us.