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Tag: Shafee Abdullah

Case is clear, lawyer Shafee has to answer contempt charges, court...

The Attorney-General’s Chambers argues it has laid out a clear case against lawyer Shafee Abdullah over his remarks that ‘undermined the administration of justice’.

Shafee’s remarks ‘just a chest-thumping statement’, lawyer tells court

Counsel says judge hearing Najib Razak's SRC International corruption trial would not have been influenced by lawyer's 'victory' boast.

Court denies Shafee access to passport for Australian case

The judge says Shafee is only needed there to help with translation, which can be done by a representative from his firm.

Rome Statute is about nation’s sovereignty not Rulers, says Shafee

Prominent lawyer says only rogue rulers would be affected, and urges more discussions between Putrajaya, palaces and the public.

Widow of PI Bala allowed to start contempt proceedings against Shafee,...

The lawyer, Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and Dr S Ganesanathan are said to have conspired to stop businessman Deepak Jaikishan from being cross-examined on an affidavit.

Widow of Cradle Fund CEO makes fresh bid for bail

Her lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, tells the court that she is willing to submit to strict bail conditions while awaiting trial.

Najib beri wang kepada keluarga bekas setiausaha, kata saksi

Perangkawan berkata dia menerima RM13,800 untuk pendidikan anak-anaknya.

SRC trial could be over sooner if prosecution hands over documents,...

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says he, as Najib Razak's lawyer, must be allowed to inspect all statements to prepare his client's proposed defence.

Mahkamah Rayuan tetap Khamis ini putus 4 rayuan Najib

Prosiding rayuan diteruskan hari ini yang masuk hari ke-4 dengan mendengar hujah peguam negara dan peguam Najib.

Najib should’ve been discharged after AG withdrew transfer certificates, says Shafee

The lawyer says Najib Razak could then have been charged again, and that withdrawing the certificates has many implications on the proceedings.

Cradle CEO’s widow not kept in dark room, says Prison Dept

The department says Samirah Muzaffar is placed alone in a room next to the duty officer at the Kajang Women’s Prison.

AG gets the go to begin contempt proceedings against Shafee

High Court judge Mohd Firuz Jaffril says there exists a prima facie case for contempt over Shafee Abdullah's comments on the SRC International case.

Court allows lawyer Shafee’s application for return of passport

His counsel says he needs it to travel to Australia to attend a court case and to handle a business deal in Indonesia.

Decision on Najib’s bid to challenge Sri Ram’s appointment on Wednesday

High Court judge Azizah Nawawi set the date in her chambers after hearing submissions from the parties involved.

Najib files appeal against AG’s move to withdraw cert to transfer...

Lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says the former prime minister will also file an application tomorrow to stop his trial from proceeding.

Shafee applies to disqualify Sri Ram from RM9.5 million case

The senior lawyer filed the application to recuse Gopal Sri Ram last week.

Shafee claims prosecutors ‘U-turned’ on 1MDB audit report charge

The lawyer says tampering could only happen at the final stage of the 1MDB audit report.

Judge refuses to recuse himself, so Shafee to file formal application

Shafee Abdullah wants High Court judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah to step down from hearing his RM9.5 million case because the judge is also hearing Najib Razak’s money laundering case.

Court allows Shafee to intervene in Anwar’s appeal

However, the judge dismisses Shafee Abdullah's application to expunge an affidavit made by the attorney-general's special task officer and to cross-examine her.

Claim on 1MDB audit tampering smacks of politics, premature, says Najib’s...

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says Jho Low's role was already discussed in Parliament and there is nothing to hide.

Mahkamah benar serahan sementara pasport Shafee

Ini bagi membolehkan peguam terkemuka itu mendapatkan permit kerja di Sabah di mana beliau dilantik mengendalikan kes di Mahkamah Tinggi Tawau.

Siaran langsung kes Najib akan cemari perbicaraan, kata peguam

Jika disiarkan secara langsung, saksi mungkin akan menyesuaikan keterangan mereka mengikut testimoni saksi yang memberi keterangan lebih awal.

6 tuduhan pecah amanah terhadap Najib, Irwan sengaja dicipta, kata Shafee

Shafee menyifatkan tuduhan terhadap Najib dan Irwan sebagai tuduhan bodoh.

Najib diverted funds for the good of nation, says lawyer

Court told that the ex-prime minister had the nation's interest in mind and was avoiding a default.