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Tag: Shafee Abdullah

High Court to hear AG’s move to appoint Sri Ram as...

This as the AG fails to get leave to appeal against another court ruling.

Cops lied to teen accused of Cradle Fund CEO murder, court...

Defence lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah read a police report lodged by one of the three accused.

AG goes to Federal Court to decide Sri Ram’s appointment as...

The move by Tommy Thomas is to bring a quick resolution to the matter ahead of a challenge by Najib Razak on the validity of Gopal Sri Ram's appointment as prosecutor.

I don’t know if Jho Low hoodwinked Najib, says witness

Najib Razak's former special officer tells the High Court the topic did not cross his mind.

Shafee dapat pasport untuk tujuan kerja di Australia

Peguam itu berkata, beliau akan berada di Australia dari 5 hingga 9 September ini.

Shafee gets passport for work trip to Australia

The lawyer says he will be in Australia from Sept 5 to 9.

Sri Ram’s status as prosecutor brought up on first day of...

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah points out that appeals court has allowed the defence to question lawyer Gopal Sri Ram’s appointment as prosecutor.

Najib’s 1MDB trial dates still up in the air

Parties to meet trial judge again tomorrow evening, although the defence hopes the case can begin on Sept 3.

Shafee in fresh bid to disqualify Sri Ram as prosecutor

The senior lawyer is seeking to introduce fresh evidence showing that Gopal Sri Ram cannot be appointed as deputy public prosecutor.

Mahkamah ketepi kebenaran mula prosiding terhadap Shafee

Hakim berkata saman pemula yang difailkan Peguam Negara Tommy Thomas kurang butiran berhubung tuduhan menghina mahkamah terhadap Shafee Abdullah.

Now, court warns Najib to stop writing about SRC case on...

The High Court says if the former prime minister makes more postings about his corruption and criminal breach of trust trial, it could be considered as contempt.

Witness admits giving contradictory statements on signatures to MACC

Former SRC director Suboh Md Yassin says he is now certain his signatures in bank transfer documents were forged or manipulated following a demonstration by the defence.

Ex-SRC CEO could have forged my signature, says witness

Former SRC director Suboh Md Yassin agrees that his signature could have been forged to transfer funds.

Shafee’s money laundering trial moved to March next year

This is to allow Najib Razak's SRC International trial to finish first.

Mahkamah benarkan Shafee ke Australia jumpa anak guam

Panel 3 hakim Mahkamah Rayuan berkata, peguam itu tidak berisiko melarikan diri.

Court allows Shafee to travel to Australia to meet with client

A three-member Court of Appeal bench says the lawyer is not a flight risk.

Case is clear, lawyer Shafee has to answer contempt charges, court...

The Attorney-General’s Chambers argues it has laid out a clear case against lawyer Shafee Abdullah over his remarks that ‘undermined the administration of justice’.

Shafee’s remarks ‘just a chest-thumping statement’, lawyer tells court

Counsel says judge hearing Najib Razak's SRC International corruption trial would not have been influenced by lawyer's 'victory' boast.

Court denies Shafee access to passport for Australian case

The judge says Shafee is only needed there to help with translation, which can be done by a representative from his firm.

Rome Statute is about nation’s sovereignty not Rulers, says Shafee

Prominent lawyer says only rogue rulers would be affected, and urges more discussions between Putrajaya, palaces and the public.

Widow of PI Bala allowed to start contempt proceedings against Shafee,...

The lawyer, Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and Dr S Ganesanathan are said to have conspired to stop businessman Deepak Jaikishan from being cross-examined on an affidavit.

Widow of Cradle Fund CEO makes fresh bid for bail

Her lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, tells the court that she is willing to submit to strict bail conditions while awaiting trial.

Najib beri wang kepada keluarga bekas setiausaha, kata saksi

Perangkawan berkata dia menerima RM13,800 untuk pendidikan anak-anaknya.

SRC trial could be over sooner if prosecution hands over documents,...

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says he, as Najib Razak's lawyer, must be allowed to inspect all statements to prepare his client's proposed defence.