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Judge reprimands Najib for skipping his 1MDB trial

The judge also tells the ex-prime minister's lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, to ensure such an incident is not repeated.

Shafee wins bid to set aside AG’s contempt proceedings against him

High Court judge Mohd Firuz Jaffril says Attorney-General Tommy Thomas’s application to initiate contempt proceedings against Shafee Abdullah is lacking in particulars on the charges.

Foundation received RM443 mil from 1MDB, Petronas and Genting, court told

The former CEO of Yayasan Rakyat 1Malaysia also says Najib Razak was one of its directors.

I was not coached to give statement, ex-SRC director tells court

He cannot explain how his exact words also appear in the SRC chairman Ismee Ismail's witness statement.

Shafee was ‘complaining’ about prosecution team, not judge, lawyer tells court

Lawyer David Mathews tells contempt proceedings that Shafee Abdullah was not casting any negative assertions on SRC International’s trial judge Nazlan Ghazali.

Najib denies news report he took selfie during court proceedings

His lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah lambast the irresponsible report, saying journalists should not behave like estate people if they want to be treated as the fourth estate.

Najib should have been given discharge in SRC case, says Shafee

The lawyer says the ex-PM should have been charged again in the Sessions Court after the attorney-general withdrew his transfer certificate.

Kes Najib bantah pelantikan Sri Ram disambung Jumaat ini

Mahkamah Tinggi akan memutuskan sama ada Gopal Sri Ram sesuai dilantik sebagai pendakwa raya terhadap kes 1MDB

Mahkamah Tinggi Sivil tolak kes Najib terhadap Sri Ram

Kes Najib diteruskan di Mahkamah Tinggi Jenayah yang dilihat lebih bersesuaian

Shafee hantar anak bayar ikat jamin RM500,000

Farhan dan beberapa individu tampil hari ini untuk melunaskan wang ikat jamin Shafee yang berdepan 4 pertuduhanan.

Shafee: Mahathir wanted me as special prosecutor in Anwar’s sodomy appeal

The prominent lawyer also explains that the RM9.5 million from Najib to him was payment for previous cases he had handled for Umno and other BN parties.

Najib called in for more police questioning

The former prime minister arrived at Bukit Aman's Commercial Crime Investigation Department at 10am, accompanied by his lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.

I am not after you, Anwar tells judges who convicted him

Former deputy prime minister says he isn't interested in pursuing action against judges involved in his previous convictions.

Court to hear Anwar’s bid to reinstate suit over RM9.5 million...

The High Court last year struck out the suit on grounds that the claims were 'bare allegations'.

Peguam Shafee nafi kenakan bayaran RM2.4 juta kepada Najib

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah berkata, beliau dan anak guamnya belum menentukan yuran guaman.

Lawyer Shafee denies charging Najib RM2.4 million

The lead counsel says he and his client have yet to decide on legal fees.

Shafee: Prosecution in Najib’s case ‘not prepared’

Najib Razak's lawyer says the prosecution team, led by Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, seems to be still looking for evidence in the case.

Deepak unwell again, lawyer tells court

Judge sets new date for hearing, says if Deepak Jaikishan does not show up again, his doctor must testify in court.

Isu RM9.5 juta: Kerajaan, Shafee diarah jawab saman Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim memfailkan saman itu susulan dakwaan RM9.5 juta disalurkan kepada Shafee melalui akaun peribadi perdana menteri.

Anwar right to seek redress, says lawyer Americk Sidhu

However, counsel R Kengadharan is of the view Anwar will have an uphill task and this is more of a fishing expedition.

RM1,000 ‘officially’ paid to Shafee, says Nancy

Nancy Shukri who was the de facto law minister in 2015, says her answer to Parliament that Shafee only received RM1,000 was based on information given to her by the AG’s Chambers.

#BebasAnwar rancang forum tentang RM9.5 juta kepada Shafee

Jelajah itu mahu membincangkan dakwaan 'salah laku dalam pendakwaan' susulan pendedahan Sarawak Report.

Clare: Khalid must have seen same documents I had

Sarawak Report editor responds to IGP's statement that she come to Malaysia to assist in investigating the website's claim that Najib Razak paid lawyer Shafee RM9.5 million.

Permohonan qazaf Anwar terhadap Shafee ditolak

Ini kerana tuduhan meliwat tidak terpakai dalam kes qazaf itu mengikut Seksyen 36 Enakmen Jenayah Syariah Selangor 1995.