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Tag: Shaik Eusoff Shaik Latiff

Another heir of 1800s Penang tycoon had claimed mosque land, court...

Penang Islamic Religious Council lawyer brings up the previous claim in case involving three great-grandchildren of Shaikh Eusoff who want the council to return 15 acres of land in accordance with the will of the late tycoon.

RM300 mil wakaf land belongs to our family, tycoon’s heir tells...

Two-term senator tells the Penang Shariah High Court his late great-grandfather had given up 15ha in Air Itam for Muslim endowment for only 21 years.

Perbicaraan kes tanah wakaf RM300 juta diteruskan

Mahkamah tolak percubaan batalkan kes dibawa 3 cucu hartawan.

Penang shariah court rules RM300 mil wakaf land dispute must go...

Appellate court quashes attempts by Penang Islamic Religious Council to quash case brought by grandchildren of land magnate.