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Tag: Shamsul Bolhassan

Home minister can prohibit non-Muslim religious publications, court told

The reliance on a provision in the Printing, Presses and Publications Act is constitutional on grounds of public order and national security, says government lawyer Shamsul Bolhassan.

‘Allah’ ban unconstitutional, discriminatory and unlawful, court told

Lawyer for Sarawakian Jill Ireland says directive disallowing use of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslims has been wrongly enforced as though it is law.

Sabah church denied documents in ‘Allah’ usage case

Court rules the issue can be decided based on affidavits and available documents exhibited in SIB's judicial review application.

Putrajaya to file expert opinion that ‘Allah’ exclusive to Muslims

Court rules report must be filed by July 14 in response to Sarawakian Jill Ireland's suit on her religious right to use the word in religious education.

Putrajaya fail bantahan saman bekas pemimpin Pemuda PKR

Shamsul Bolhassan berkata, bekas naib ketua pemuda PKR itu tiada lokus standi untuk membatalkan saman terhadap perdana menteri dan ketua audit negara.



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