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Exxon directors face shareholder revolt over climate change

Investors say they will vote against all Exxon directors and urged other shareholders to follow suit for failing to get a climate change proposal at the company's annual meeting.

MIC trio sue over RM134 mil ‘missing’ from Maika

Westport boss reported to be among five named in suit about money meant for distribution to shareholders.

Scandal-hit Korean Air chief forced off board by shareholders

Cho Yang-ho became the first controlling shareholder of a South Korean conglomerate to be forced off the board.

Shutdown makes it harder for boards to quash shareholder votes

The SEC hasn’t posted any responses to the requests since Dec. 19.

Another Xiaomi stock sale adds grease to US$32 billion rout

Xiaomi was one of the world’s most hyped initial public offerings in recent years, with bankers initially touting a valuation of as much as US$100 billion.

Mother and son lose US$16 billion in 2018 as Continental sinks

Continental chairman Georg Schaeffler and his mother Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann have seen their fortunes tumble 53%.

Statement by minority shareholders of Apex Equity

The High Court's decision to validate the exercise will allow public-listed companies to cast aside the wishes of thousands of shareholders in favour of individual ambitions.

AkzoNobel chemical dump turns very green for shareholders

The firm is proposing to shareholders to pay out the funds by means including a special cash dividend, share buybacks and repaying capital.

Ryanair chairman gets shareholder slapdown amid strikes

One more shareholder group indicated during the meeting that they would vote against the re-election of the chairman if there was no "clear progress" on their succession by the next annual general meeting.

Ex-Temasek executive warns debt deal won’t fix Noble Group

Long-standing critic Michael Dee said the revamped company will struggle to recover and shouldn’t be allowed to list shares in Singapore.

Struggling Noble Group faces crucial vote for US$3.5 billion restructure

Shareholders are being asked to support a debt-for-equity swap that will leave them with just 20% of the business.

Tesla board torn between service to shareholders and CEO

The references to Ambien use and driving while tweeting are fueling calls for Tesla’s board to step up its oversight of the company’s CEO and largest shareholder.

Ferrari confirms guidance as new CEO takes the wheel

The release marks the first set of results to be presented by new CEO Louis Camilleri, who was appointed on July 21 to succeed Sergio Marchionne.

The biggest winner of Dell’s public-market return? Michael Dell

New Dell shareholders will be investing in a very different company from the one that delisted five years ago.

Fox shareholders to vote on $71 billion Disney bid July 27

The special meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. at the New York Hilton in midtown Manhattan, Disney said in a regulatory filing. Disney shareholders will also consider the transaction.

Goldman,Morgan Stanley say low test scores may not curb payouts

While all 35 of the lenders in the opening round of the central bank’s stress test showed they could withstand a severe economic downturn, not every one cleared the bar by a comfortable margin.

Noble Group says key shareholder approves revised restructuring plan

Noble, which has been struggling to secure shareholder approval to restructure its US$3.5 billion of debt, had asked for a trading halt on Monday pending an announcement.

6,000 gather to thank Teh Hong Piow for piloting Public Bank...

With the chairman of Public Bank stepping down at the end of the year, shareholders gather to show appreciation and to find out what’s in store for the financial institution.

Hyundai confident reorganisation will benefit shareholders

US activist hedge fund Elliott Management says it held more than US$1 billion of shares in three key Hyundai Motor Group affiliates and called for more to be done to reform the family-owned conglomerate.

Spotify soars in US$26 billion stock debut

Spotify on its first day has topped the market capitalization of other high-profile recent market entrants, including Twitter, Snapchat parent Snap and Dropbox.

Spotify aims to strike chord in stock market debut

Spotify will list existing shares directly on the New York Stock Exchange rather than issuing new stock.

US firm Harbour Energy makes bid for Australia’s Santos

Santos, a major oil and natural gas firm with interests notably in Papua New Guinea, says it had received a proposal for US$4.98 per share.

GKN shareholders accept £8.1bn takeover offer from Melrose

Shareholders in British engineering group GKN, a historic company that made Spitfires and tanks during World War II, on Thursday accepted an £8.1 billion (9.2 billion euros, $11.4 billion) takeover offer from investment firm Melrose.

Noble Group says board to seek insolvency protection if restructuring fails

Noble's debt restructuring process is seen as critical for the firm's survival.