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Tag: Shariah courts.

Shariah courts need urgent reforms to protect women

Maria Chin Abdullah has raised awareness of the workings of the shariah courts which, divorced Muslim women will tell you, need to be improved.

Maria Chin accused of making wild attack on shariah system

A lawyer asks her to show which legal provisions discriminate against women.

Mujahid ready to discuss letting Shariah Court decide on inheritance

Islamic affairs minister says there are concerns that Muslim inheritance cases are now filed with the civil courts.

Govt to expedite setting up of Shariah High Court

It will hear child custody and alimony cases in the Federal Territories.

Mujahid, don’t put the cart before the horse in divorce cases

Instead of addressing the enforcement of alimony payments to women after divorce, the minister should reform marital laws to prevent men from so easily taking additional wives.

Special FT shariah courts to standardise laws, says Mujahid

The minister says special high and lower shariah courts have been proposed to deal with marriage, child custody and maintenance cases.

The harsh reality of life as a Muslim single mother

Shariah courts are often quick to punish the women, but slow to make the men pay alimony.

Leave Act 355 alone, ex-MP Tawfik tells PH

He says the government cannot amend the act because his suit on the matter is pending.

Deputy minister: Government reviewing acts under Shariah Courts

This includes the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act or Act 355.

Set minimum marriage age of 18 for all, says Kasthuri

MP says Pakatan Harapan government should raise the minimum legal age for marriage with no exceptions, regardless of race or religion.

Shariah laws only affect Muslims, says NGO

Centhra chief executive says shariah laws such as RUU355 have nothing to do with non-Muslims.

Still no go for debate on Hadi’s shariah motion

Despite being listed on the Dewan Rakyat sitting’s order paper, no time slot has been provided to debate the motion on the bill which seeks to enhance the powers of the Shariah Court.

Civil courts can hear conversion cases, says Federal Court

The judicial trend of the past that shariah courts must have jurisdiction on conversion matters as it involves Islamic law and practice is unduly simplistic, says Justice Zainun Ali.

Shariah courts not on equal footing with civil courts, says Federal...

The appointment of civil court judges is done under the constitution but that of shariah judges is done by state rulers, and the constitutional safeguards for judicial independence do not apply in respect of shariah courts, says justice Zainun Ali.

Don’t smear anyone’s name, Sultan Nazrin tells shariah courts

Good name of family members, parents and children must be protected from being sensationalised, he says.

Dewan Rakyat: Hadi’s bill moves up after 2 others withdrawn

The withdrawn bills are the Employment Insurance System (EIS) Bill 2017 and the Stamp (Amendment) Bill 2017.

Umno, PAS speaking same language, says Guan Eng

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says Umno information chief Annuar Musa's offer to help PAS amend law to enhance shariah punishments is proof both will cooperate in GE14.

238 underage marriages recorded in FT shariah courts since 2010

Minister Jamil Khir Baharom says child marriages in other states are under the state-level shariah courts.

Zaid: Sultans face threat if Hadi’s bill goes through

It is in the interest of Malay Rulers that Malays and other Muslim Malaysians remain modern and progressive in their outlook and values, says Zaid Ibrahim.

Shariah courts ‘split proceedings’ for divorce costly, says lawyer

Former syarie judge admits practice of separating various matters in divorce cases into many proceedings was to give impression they were handling a lot of cases.

Making shariah courts efficient will reduce costs, says lawyer

Shariah lawyer Nizam Bashir says shariah courts must emulate civil courts and have a fixed deadline for cases to be resolved.

It isn’t just Umno politicising hudud, Raja Bahrin tells PAS

Amanah MP recalls that Umno and PAS reps had failed to support a motion to debate a shariah enactment at the Terengganu assembly in March this year.

Ex-judge: Protect Malaysia’s secular status

He says the people of Sabah and Sarawak would never have agreed to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 if hudud had been proposed then.

Tony Pua files response to Najib’s bid to remove offensive video

Lawyers will appear before the judge on May 24 to make oral submissions whether to remove the video on Pua's Facebook, pending outcome of PM's defamation suit.