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Tag: Shariah High Court

Another heir of 1800s Penang tycoon had claimed mosque land, court...

Penang Islamic Religious Council lawyer brings up the previous claim in case involving three great-grandchildren of Shaikh Eusoff who want the council to return 15 acres of land in accordance with the will of the late tycoon.

RM300 mil wakaf land belongs to our family, tycoon’s heir tells...

Two-term senator tells the Penang Shariah High Court his late great-grandfather had given up 15ha in Air Itam for Muslim endowment for only 21 years.

Shariah High Court to hear child marriage applications under proposed SOP

The more experienced judges will ensure that stricter conditions are followed.

Single mum gets jail, whipping for prostitution

Court orders for the 30-year-old to be whipped at the prison where she serves her sentence if she does not appeal against it within 14 days.

JJ’s mom faces challenge in bid to transfer RM2.1 billion properties

The late Jamaluddin Jarjis' wife and children have indicated that they will raise a preliminary objection.

Caning for lesbian sex: We’re regressing to the Middle Ages, says...

IRF's Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa says it is a dark day for human rights in Malaysia.

Khalid Samad’s conviction upheld, fine reduced

The Shariah High Court reduces the fine to RM1,900 which allows the Shah Alam MP to contest in GE14.

Sabah Shariah Court declares woman a non-Muslim

Judge finds that the woman had never been converted to Islam by her father and that she had lived all her life as a Christian.