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Tag: Shariah law

Lawyers split on implications of court ruling against SIS

One says the court's decision only affects Sisters in Islam, but another says it could affect corporate decision-making.

Indonesia’s Aceh whips 2 men, women for breaking shariah law

Calls have been made for Aceh to drop its harsh shariah law, however in the conservative state, it receives wide support.

Talk to Rulers about uniform shariah law, says ex-MP

Tawfik Ismail voices his fear that talks on the uniform code might become a back door for harsher penalties such as those proposed with RUU335.

Towards a uniform shariah penal code for all states

Islamic council gives go-ahead to work out a uniform set of shariah laws on criminal offences.

Canada-led rights coalition slams Brunei death penalty for gay sex

The Equal Rights Coalition was launched in 2016 to promote international equal rights for all.

Hundreds protest in London over Brunei’s anti-gay shariah laws

The laws, elements of which were first adopted in 2014, have been rolled out in phases since then including this week, stirring international outrage.

Deutsche Bank bans staff from Dorchester hotels after new Brunei laws

Brunei's state-owned investment agency BIA owns the Dorchester Collection hotel group.

France urges Brunei to drop stoning law for adultery, gay sex

Rights groups have meanwhile accused the sultanate of becoming the Saudi Arabia of southeast Asia.

Brunei sultan seeks conservative support with hardline shariah laws

Brunei will be the first country in East or Southeast Asia to introduce a sharia penal code on a national level.

Siti Kasim says she’ll be charged over finger flashing in 2016

This comes after claims by the lawyer-activist of attempts to put her behind bars.

It’s academic now, rules court of Tawfik’s bid to challenge Hadi’s...

Judge Nordin Hassan, however, said Tawfik can start a fresh action if a similar motion to introduce heavier punishments under shariah laws is tabled again and allowed by the speaker in the current Parliament.

2 lives and the khalwat raid that destroyed them

'I wish I could turn back time. The officers refused to believe that there was no hanky-panky that night. Things could have turned out differently.'

Jawi: Enforcement procedures will be reviewed, improved if necessary

Its director Mohd Ajib Ismail says the department’s focus has always been on prevention.

Let child marriage go the same way as baby selling

The present-day system allowing underage marriages is not much different from the now-outlawed practice of selling babies for adoption.

Latest child marriage: We’re on it, but states have jurisdiction, says...

The deputy prime minister says her officers are looking into the marriage between a 44-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl.

No more excuses, NGO tells Putrajaya on child marriages

Sisters in Islam says more young girls will 'fall through the cracks' as long as the government claims it is powerless to deal with the issue.

Stop all caning to address ‘crisis’ in justice system, says NGO

The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality urges the attorney-general to review state shariah criminal law enactments to ensure these are in line with the constitution.

100 attend public caning of couple in Terengganu lesbian sex case

The two women were caned six times each at the Terengganu Shariah High Court today.

Lawyers: Caning for shariah offences has Parliament’s approval

However, the whipping which is carried out with a light cane is meant to bring about a feeling of repentance, not inflict pain, they say.

A challenge for traditional Islam in the ‘new Malaysia’

Controversial author questions whether traditional Islamists will be able to adapt to a more open, democratic Malaysia.

Must Christians turn a blind eye to past sins?

As the general election draws near, it's time to remove the blinkers about the so-called 'good old days' of Mahathir and Anwar.

400-strong team begins raids on KL nightclubs

All 1,800 nightclubs to be checked, no immunity for operators, says raid coordinator

Hadi played out before GE14?

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang should have realised much earlier in the political game that if the government really wanted to pass the bill, it would have tabled it through normal channels.

Shariah Appeal Court ruling leaves Khalid clear to run in GE14

The decision by the court to maintain a RM1,900 fine allows the Shah Alam MP to escape disqualification as an elected representative.