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Surfer bitten by shark in latest Australia attack

The attack is the fifth encounter off Australia's beaches in two months.

Man dies after shark attack off Cape Cod

This marks the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936, and the second shark attack this season.

Police find shark stolen from Texas aquarium in stroller

Three thieves were caught on surveillance video removing the shark from its display, placing it in a bucket and smuggling it out in a stroller.

‘The Meg’ is here and she’s pleased to eat you

"The Meg" lunges out of the deep with the aim of giving the aquatic monster genre back its teeth with a two-million-year-old megalodon five times the size of a great white.

40 years after ‘Jaws’, summer still means sharks

“Shark Week” is one of Discovery’s biggest successes, attracting a US audience last year of more than 35 million viewers.

Video of shark in Malaysian restaurant aquarium sparks outrage

Social media users want the shark to be released into its natural habitat.

Shark pulls woman overboard by biting finger in Australia

The two-metre (6.6-foot) creature -- which has strong jaws and rows of sharp teeth -- sucked at her right index finger "like a Hoover (vacuum cleaner)", she told The West Australian late Saturday.

Semporna fishermen unwilling to change mindset on sharks, forum told

The forum on shark conservation in Semporna district was told fishermen do not believe tougher laws would change attitude towards shark hunting.

New Zealand’s ‘first bloke’ fends off angry shark

Clarke Gayford's run-in with the shark occurred while helping a camera operator shoot footage for a television programme.

Hawaii shark bite victim previously attacked by bear, snake

Dylan McWilliams says his parents are grateful he is still alive.

Ancient giant shark tooth goes missing in Australia

Megalodon, which can grow up to 15 metres long, are believed to have become extinct 1.6 million years ago.

Samoa creates huge shark sanctuary

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele said the move would help sustain a vital part of the ocean's ecosystem.

‘Horror show’ for foreign divers on Sabah’s Mabul Island

A shark protection association official says foreigners pay up to RM4,000 for a diving trip to see creatures such as manta rays underwater but today they saw fishermen slaughter them onshore.

At least 8,000 great white sharks off Australia’s coast, researchers say

The great white shark population may soon decline, as some Australian states have reacted to an increase in shark attacks by calling for the culling of sharks.

‘It was going to eat her’ – Aussie teen survives shark...

The girl, who escaped with minor cuts and bruises, said the ordeal was "everything you picture in the Jaws movie".

SSPA: New law against shark capture in Sabah needed

Sabah Shark Protection Association says Sabah state government and Putrajaya should formulate a new law to protect sharks both inside and outside marine protected areas.

Ikan jerung di Sabah sedang pupus

Pemintaan tinggi terhadap sirip jerung mendorong pengusaha memburu ikan itu secara ekstensif.

Sleep tight and don’t let the sharks bite at Paris aquarium

But for those curious and brave enough, it will be available for three nights in April as part of a competition organized by the aquarium and holiday home rental website Airbnb.

Archived: Sabah wants ban on shark fishing

The state is currently consulting the Attorney General to change a federal law to introduce the ban in Sabah.

Archived: Illegal methods blamed for depleting fish stocks

Sabah fishermen warn the government to stabilise fish stock in Sabah waters immediately to prevent prices of seafood increasing.