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Tag: Sheila Menon

Clinical Hypnosis: Can it really melt those extra pounds?

While not a magic wand, clinical hypnosis gets into the unconscious mind, gently shifting focus away from fattening foods and onto new healthy ways of eating and living.

Clinical hypnosis and the erectile dysfunctional male

Clinical hypnosis works on the conscious and unconscious mind, removing negative thoughts and images that cause the problem.

Clinical hypnosis for happiness seekers

Ridding oneself of persistent feelings of anxiety, depression and pessimism is possible when one learns to leverage on the powers of clinical hypnosis.

What’s your pick – self-hypnosis or clinical hypnotherapy?

Whether you choose self-hypnosis or clinical hypnotherapy is really up to the nature of your problem and the type of person you are.

Clinical hypnosis may be career of the future

Clinical hypnotherapists can help employees cope with the negative impact of stress and other psycho-social contributors that may lead to future depression.

Exploring your inner psyche through hypnosis

Self-discovery comes with getting to know your unconscious mind and harnessing the benefits of hypnosis to mentally and physically rejuvenate yourself.

Forging ties that bind

Workshop of family focuses on the Five Ls to a fulfilling family life - learning, laughter, loyalty, love, leadership.

How paediatric hypnosis can arrest bad behaviour

The common techniques of relaxation, storytelling and imagination are often used to transform a child's life in positive ways.