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Tag: Shenzhen

Chinese scientist who gene-edited babies fired by university

Chinese authorities also denounced He and issued a temporary halt to research activities involving the editing of human genes.

Shenzhen, China’s reform pioneer, leads tech revolution

The southern city of Shenzhen is the symbol of the transformative reforms launched by China 40 years ago: former fishing villages that morphed into a global manufacturing hub.

Shenzhen, China’s reform pioneer, leads tech revolution

Today China's global corporations have made Shenzhen, dubbed the "Silicon Valley of Hardware", their headquarters.

Huawei stalks Apple and Samsung

Huawei surpassed Apple to become the world's number two smartphone maker in Q2 2018 by targeting developing nations with moderately priced yet sophisticated phones.

Neymar rejoins PSG on China tour

Neymar's arrival in China ahead of PSG's Trophée des Champions game against Monaco sent local fans into a frenzy.

China bourses agree to work towards adding dual-class shares to trading...

HKEX to set up a working group with the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges to formulate specific programmes and rules for the inclusion of dual-class shares in the trading link.

Wanda shares suspended after rumours trigger drop

Dalian Wanda Group issues a statement rejecting online 'speculations' as 'just rumours' that banks will dump the firm's bonds.

Pencuri telefon larikan diri ke balai polis

Pencuri itu tiba-tiba memperlahankan pergerakan dan berhenti selepas menyedari dirinya berada di dalam kawasan balai polis.