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Tag: Shia-Sunni

Is Arab unity dead?

A number of Arab governments are working closely with Israel to address the Iranian threat because they regard Iran a fundamental threat to their interests.

Freedom of religion, but anti-Shia blitz under state jurisdiction, says Mujahid

The minister in charge of religious affairs says his department is seeking a balance between the rights guaranteed in the constitution and the SOP of state Islamic authorities.

Disagreeing with Shia Islam not enough to justify raids, says rights...

Lawyers for Liberty says limitations on the freedom of religion can only be justified if they are necessary for the protection of public safety, order, health or morals or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others.

No Shia or Sunni in Article 3, says Suhakam

Rights commissioner Hishamudin Yunus urges authorities to follow the spirit of the Amman Message in the wake of a crackdown on Shia Muslims.

Charity head says her worst fears came true with anti-Shia blitz

Malaysian head of Who is Hussain? group tells of imagining terrible scenarios after the arrest of a volunteer.

Let Shia Muslims practise faith in private, says Penang mufti

Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor says the controversy over the rights of Shia Muslims in Malaysia poses a dilemma to the government.

On Ashura, sectarianism bares its ugly head in Malaysia

It is appalling that authorities in Johor and Selangor have chosen to raid private Muslim Shia events in the days leading up to Ashura.

More foreigners arrested in fresh raids on private Shia functions in...

Pakistanis, Yemenis and Singaporeans nabbed as authorities prevent Shia Muslim followers from marking the Ashura.

Critics slam Selangor’s ‘hate speech’ as mosques prepare to deliver anti-Shia...

The sermon, among others, urges Muslims to be the eyes and ears of the authorities ahead of an important event observed by Shia Muslims.

Dr M says Zakir Naik here to stay as not many...

The prime minister talks to a Turkish news channel on Sunni-Shia rivalry and Chinese treatment of its Muslim minority.

Spotlight on online anti-Shia militancy after seminar called off over bomb...

Facebook pages have mushroomed, many containing messages of violence against Muslim minorities.

Muslim unity seminar to be officiated by Mujahid cancelled on security...

The seminar on July 13 was to discuss the Amman Message, an international declaration also endorsed by prominent Malaysians.

What about intra-faith iftar? Academic questions Jais’ snub of non-Sunnis

Syed Farid Alatas says there is an ignorance among Muslims about the diversity of Islam.