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Tag: Shinawatra

Army-aligned party buoyed amid Thai political turmoil

The much-anticipated election is set for March 24 and will be the first since a 2014 coup.

Thai junta-linked party descends on Shinawatra stronghold

The military-backed Palang Pracharat party held a meeting in the northern city of Chiang Mai intended to reveal the names of candidates running for office.

Thai PM says ban on political activity to be lifted by...

The junta has said the ban on political activity has been necessary to preserve stability after more than a decade of at times violent rivalry between supporters of ousted premiers Thaksin Shinawatra, and his sister, Yingluck, and the Bangkok-based royalist establishment.

Thai opposition urges junta to lift politics ban as poll looms

Thailand's military loathes the Shinawatras, accusing them of winning the hearts of the electorate with a toxic form of populist politics.

Penyokong Baju Merah dipercayai terlibat letupan di Bangkok

Kerajaan Junta Thailand telah menukar siasatan daripada militan Islam kepada pasukan penyokong setia Thaksin.