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Staff confused and lost, says Utusan Melayu union chairman

Staff told to gather on Oct 30 to hear final decision on their future.

HK rail system shutdown due to violent clashes over mask ban

The ban was aimed at quelling nearly 4 months of unrest but instead sparked widespread clashes.

Petronas shuts Sabah-Sarawak gas pipeline for maintenance

LNG supply is not impacted as the shortfall is being made up by other fields in offshore Sarawak.

Pakistan closes airspace as India tensions rise

The decision came after Pakistan said it had shot down two Indian Air Force planes in its airspace Wednesday.

Trump to declare ’emergency’ to fund his border wall

By declaring an emergency, Trump opens a new confrontation and creates some of the riskiest legal peril of his term.

Trump ready to signing border deal, averting shutdown

The deal worked out in Congress this week will provide less than US$1.4 billion for wall construction.

White House: Trump undecided on deal to avert another shutdown

Trump has threatened to declare a 'national emergency' if Congress does not give him wall money.

Top US lawmakers to resume border talks, avert shutdown

Negotiations broke down during the weekend over funding for immigrant detention beds and physical barriers that would be funded along the US-Mexico border.

US government reopens as clock starts on funding talks

The longest shutdown in US history ended on Friday when President Donald Trump and Congress agreed to temporary government funding.

US government agencies gear up to restart operations Monday

It will take agencies days to dig out from weeks of unread emails and deal with other logistical issues like expired email passwords or ID badges.

‘Broken man’: Right wing rips Trump over no-wall US shutdown deal

Trump's decision came as opinion polls showed his job approval rating falling to some of the lowest levels of his tenure.

Trump bows to Democrats, temporarily ends shutdown without wall

Trump agreed to a deal hastily negotiated by lawmakers after the 35-day shutdown began to seriously impact air travel.

Government shutdown ‘damaging’ US economy

CEO of JPMorgan Chase said that the current situation in regards to funding the wall on the border with Mexico is hurting US economic growth.

Trump says no amnesty for ‘Dreamers,’ signals support in broader deal

Illegal immigrants in the US are protected from deportation under a programme put in place under former president Barack Obama.

No breakthrough in US-China trade talks, says Trump adviser

National Economic Council director says recent news reports of a US-China deal being imminent are inaccurate.

A month into US govt shutdown, the economy blinks first

Americans have less confidence in the economy's strength in 2019, while 800,000 government workers are furloughed or work without pay.

Trump cancels Pelosi trip over shutdown

The mess in Washington is verging on the surreal.

Trump to meet lawmakers at White House as shutdown enters 25th...

The partial shutdown is the longest in US history and its effects have begun to reverberate across the country.

US shutdown sends economy into uncharted waters

The length of this shutdown makes it harder to say just how bad the impact could get.

Trump says record-long govt shutdown could be resolved ‘in 15 minutes’

The president has issued a series of tweets in an effort to defend his stance and goad Democrats to return to Washington and end what he called "the massive humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border."

US govt shutdown compromises Miami airport operations

At issue is a lack of agents from the US Transportation Security Administration, who are seen "essential" federal workers and hence are still on the job but without pay until the shutdown ends.

White House signals some compromise in ending US government shutdown

Mulvaney said Trump was considering accepting funding to build a steel fence, despite his campaign promise that the wall be built of concrete.

White House, congressional aides to resume shutdown talks Sunday

The vice president describes the meeting, at his ceremonial office across the street from the White House, as a “productive discussion.”

Trump warns could force long-term shutdown over border wall

Describing the situation as a "national emergency," the president says he is also looking into ways to build the wall without congressional approval.