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A response on the Sia Boey Rejuvenation project

The Sia Boey Rejuvenation project and the monsoon drain cleaning are in fact two entirely separate projects.

The Prangin Canal revitalisation that could have been

No river has been rehabilitated; instead, a section of the Prangin Canal structure has been converted into a pond and filled with water, while the storm water of the Prangin Canal is merely diverted into a parallel culvert.

CM Chow has a free hand, but is willing to listen

In the past, government decisions were made without other parties being heard, but now Chow says he will open up channels to other parties, not just the DAP, for a more inclusive leadership.

After 3-year delay, Sia Boey set to be ‘reborn’

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says first phase of restoration is expected to be completed in August.

Pre-war shophouses collapsed due to neglect, say activists

George Town Heritage Action express their disappointment with lack of care of an abandoned strip of shophouses near historic Sia Boey Market.

Apa jadi di Sia Boey, soal kumpulan warisan

Susulan penemuan artifak di kawasan pasar lama di Sia Boey, kumpulan warisan negeri ingin tahu keputusan kaji selidik ahli arkeologi di tapak itu, yang akan dijadikan sebahagian terminal LRT.

What’s happening at Sia Boey, heritage groups ask

Following discovery of artefacts at old market, heritage groups are anxious to know results of a survey by archaeologists at the spot, earmarked for a LRT terminal.

The reply that Buletin Mutiara refused to publish

Dr Lim Mah Hui explains why Penang Forum wrote to Unesco about the Penang Government's intention to build a proposed LRT line and station at Sia Boey.

Sia Boey: Discourteous not to get Unesco’s opinion

Why did Penang state authorities not inform Unesco of its grand plan to transform the world heritage site into a transport hub?

We can take care of Sia Boey ourselves, says Penang Govt

Penang Government continues to slam Penang Forum for going behind its back and complaining to Unesco about proposed transport hub near heritage zone.

‘Complaint letter on Sia Boey ammo for federal govt’

Penang chief minister's Political Secretary Wong Hon Wai tells off Lim Mah Hui and Penang Forum for potentially sabotaging Penang Transport Master Plan.

Pembangunan Sia Boey bahayakan status Unesco George Town

Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng dikritik kerana mendakwa projek LRT di situ tidak akan menjejaskan kawasan warisan itu kerana ia terletak di luar kawasan Unesco.

Sia Boey to be given federal protection, says dept

An interim protection order will be issued to the Sia Boey site to prevent any development on the site, following archaeological finds that have significant value to George Town, says the National Heritage Department.

LGE: I didn’t scold NGOs over Sia Boey

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng accuses English daily of trying to pit him against NGOs over his criticism on Sia Boey archaeological site.

CM: Archaeological find in George Town still ‘closed to public’

Public briefing on discovery of various artefacts from the 1800s in Sia Boey enclave was done without the Penang Governments' authorisation, says Lim Guan Eng.