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DAP keen to hold conference on fake news, says Kit Siang

He urges opposition parties to support government in taking a united and firm stand against fake news and hate speech.

Mahkamah tetap 8 Okt keputusan rayuan kes isteri subahat bunuh suami

Mahkamah Rayuan memberi tempoh 14 hari bermula hari ini kepada pihak pendakwaan raya dan pembelaan mengemukakan hujah sebelum membuat keputusan.

Cops deny terror cell members in Sibu or Bintulu

Police urge people not to believe WhatsApp messages on suicide attacks planned in the two divisions.

Polis nafi rancangan serangan IS di Bintulu

Ketua polis Bintulu berkata keadaan keselamatan secara keseluruhannya terkawal.

Mangsa terkandas di Afrika dakwa ‘taukeh’ larikan diri

Mangsa dibawa ke negara itu oleh 'taukeh' dari Sibu yang berkongsi RM30,000 dengan rakan perniagaannya untuk membuka kem pembalakan di Afrika.

Abang Johari: Sarawak has lost good leader with death of Wong...

A few thousand people pay their last respects to the only son of Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh.

Brighter future for Sibu with setting up of development board

It will help the government boost 3 key sectors — tourism, agriculture and education.

Abused 9-month-old boy dies

Aariz Harraz Zahin Azman's parents decided to take him off the life support machine after a second brain scan showed no improvements.

DAP rep slams Sarawak govt over 15 rabies deaths

Irene Mary Chang Oi Ling says the state government has ‘lost control’ in the fight against the rabies outbreak.

‘Small boy’ SUPP can offer Sibu nothing, says DAP’s Oscar Ling

Sibu incumbent Oscar Ling says an MP representing BN will only become a yes-man in Parliament.

A mountain to climb for STAR, Peace Party candidates in Sibu

Locals, who expect the battle for Sibu to be between BN and DAP, say the smaller parties do not stand a chance but add meaning to the democratic process.

Confident but not over-confident: Oscar Ling’s approach in Sibu

The DAP incumbent says he will continue working hard to retain Sibu as nothing can be taken for granted in elections.

Opposition pact with Dr M ‘an act of convenience’, says Sarawak...

Abang Johari Openg says the collaboration is only to achieve their political agenda.

2 Sri Lankan engineers duped into forced labour in Malaysia

Police detain agent after the two escape from a ship near Sibu where they had been confined.

Kapten kapal, pekerja limbungan cedera kapal tangki meletup

Ketika kejadian seramai 17 anak kapal dan 5 pekerja limbungan melakukan kerja penyelenggaraan ke atas kapal itu di tengah Sungai Belawai.

DAP needs to thank Ling for breaking SUPP stranglehold of Sibu

Coming GE14 will be another see-saw battle between DAP and SUPP.

Abang Johari: BN win needed to recover Sarawak’s MA63 rights

Chief minister says heads of BN components in Sarawak are Sarawakians, unlike the opposition parties.

Bank manager’s widow to hang for his murder

She was found guilty of committing the offence with her boyfriend.

Tendang datuk saudara elak dirogol

Lelaki itu tidak sempat meneruskan perbuatan terkutuknya apabila ditendang kanak-kanak berkenaan.

2 men shot dead by lone gunman in Sibu

The two were having some drinks with a girlfriend, said to be a Chinese national, on the sidewalk of the café.

Baru: Sarawak chiefs deserved to fly business class to meet PM

The state PKR chairman claims use of the A400M military aircraft to transport 180 chiefs from Sibu to KL was an abuse of power and misuse of military assets.

A third base jumper hurt in Sibu event

Ben Gingold, 25, of the United Kingdom suffers cuts after landing on roof of a pedestrian walkway.

Aussie base jumper smashes through glass window in Sibu

Gary Favre was doing his trial jump from the top of the 28-storey Wisma Sanyan at the time.

3 men remanded over two separate incest cases

Police say one of the suspects, who has a rape-related criminal record, allegedly raped a seven-year-old girl repeatedly since August last year.