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Jasad korban gempa bumi Lombok tiba di Malaysia

Ahli keluarga, pihak pengurusan Sin Chew Daily dan Menteri Loke Siew Fook memberi penghormatan terakhir kepada Tai Siew Kim dan Lim Sai Wah.

Timbalan editor Sin Chew maut dalam gempa bumi di Lombok

Gempa berukuran 5.4 skala Ritcher itu berlaku kira-kira jam 2 ptg menyebabkan tanah runtuh di air terjun Tiu Kelep di Senaru Baru, Lombok Utara.

It’s lose-lose for Maria Chin and PH

The moment Maria Chin puts on the colours of Pakatan Harapan, her civic movement aura is wholly depleted.

Kit Siang denies DAP wants to destroy MCA

He says MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong's claim is a desperate move to woo Chinese voters ahead of GE14.

Gradual approach to democratic development

We must never be blindly aggressive in our pursuit of greater democracy, as this will only jeopardise social stability and the well-being of our people.

Of foreign coaches and sports science

Writer suggests premature departure of foreign coaches is due to infighting in sports associations, as successful diving coach is asked to leave over dubious reason.

A senior minister’s macho posturing

Writer says defence minister's statement on readiness to deploy army to Jerusalem is likely a show of religious credentials rather than knowledge of the law.

Debating Islam and democracy

Arab Spring has given rise to political freedoms and authoritarianism in various parts of the Muslim world.

Umno and DAP, the conjoined twins

Writer says Umno cannot free itself from its obsession with DAP, while DAP continues to bring up ills of government policies and corruption, blaming Umno.

Umno’s dilemma: Balancing the general assembly rhetoric

Writer says unlike when Abdullah Badawi led Umno, Najib Razak has better control of the party, and thus, the narrative coming from delegates.

Higher cost of flying not justified

Can Mavcom ensure facilities, services at klia2 are upgraded to meet rising expectations of passengers with the increase in airport tax to be the same as KLIA?

Time to banish outdated budget model

Writer says country will face another dilemma if government distributes candies to please voters instead of allocating resources for creation of a better tomorrow .

Could state of politics sink any lower?

Writer says political party's intrusion into school, Jamal Yunos' beer-smashing stunts and MACC's refusal to act on money politics is why many don't see a future here.

Geely management style can turn Proton around

Writer says it's impossible to bring Proton out of the current doldrums if the existing management is still in charge, and to let the Chinese show the way.

When a ruler has to step in to defend moderation

The Sultan of Johor, in his capacity as supreme leader of the Islamic faith in Johor, has done and said things our politicians have failed to do.

Stop creating new divisions in the name of religious sanctity

Writer says social harmony and peace can only be assured if there is equality and tolerance.

Drop in students taking Chinese language paper alarming

Decline in number of candidates sitting for the Chinese paper may affect source of qualified Chinese language teachers, thus hindering development of Chinese education.

PPBM, one year on and still a mystery

Writer questions if Dr Mahathir Mohamad's party can initiate a Malay tsunami, especially since Malays see bringing down Umno as going against their interests.

Wanted: Some strong political will

While the ruling coalition is making promises of change, it would not go far if not supported by a powerful political will.

SEA Games: Not just Khairy’s but ours too

Writer reminds Malaysians complaining about the SEA Games that the event belongs to the athletes, the volunteers and all who have contributed to the event.

No end in sight to Indira’s plight

Writer says removal of clause on unilateral conversion from amendment to Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act shows government is eager to please PAS.

The controversy over the Employment Insurance Scheme

Article weighs pros of EIS benefits to employees against cons to national economy and market liquidity.

Lost opportunity for snap polls

Writer suggests Prime Minister Najib Razak would have best served his party's interest if GE14 was held after last year's Sarawak polls or twin by-elections.

From ‘special incentives’ to bumi status, GE14 scent is strong

Writer says economic indicators and pressure from opposition resulted in surprise giveaways and other benefits to the people.