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Singapore to hang another Malaysian

It comes five months after the republic ignored pleas of clemency for a Malaysian convicted of drug trafficking.

Malaysia, Singapore agree to halt commercial activity in disputed zone

They also agree not to authorise any such activity in the area, or anchor government vessels there.

Tourism body disagrees with stats showing sharp drop in Singaporean tourists

State tourism association chairman Jimmy Leong casts doubts on arrival figures, says Singaporeans are coming in as independent travellers rather than in groups.

DAP MP attacks ‘gullible’ Singapore ex-diplomat for saying PH falling apart

Charles Santiago responds to sharp comments made by Bilahari Kausikan during a recent speech.

Singapore foreign minister appointed acting transport minister for Malaysia talks

This will ensure continued discussions with Malaysia as the coordinating minister for infrastructure and minister for transport has extended his medical leave.

Putrajaya insists ship collision happened in Malaysian waters

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah denies claims by Singapore authorities that Malaysian vessel Polaris was in the republic's territorial waters.

Malaysia denies Singapore’s claim over latest ship collision

The marine department says the incident happened in Malaysian waters.

Singapore expresses concern after Malaysian and Greek vessels collide off Tuas

Singapore's maritime authority says there are 'unauthorised' presence of vessels in its waters.

Singapore launches book on Pedra Branca amid lingering dispute with Malaysia

The book documents the behind-the-scenes of Singapore's defence over Malaysia's claim on Pedra Branca.

What’s the fuss over Johor MB’s visit to vessel, asks Dr...

The prime minister says Osman Sapian can go into international waters without Singapore sending warships 'to chase him away'.

Our forces exercising restraint, says Singapore over Tuas ‘intrusion’

Defence minister says the city-state wants to ensure a peaceful resolution.

Singapore insists Johor MB’s ship visit ‘illegal’, ‘provocative’

The Singapore government confirms postponing a joint meeting with Malaysia originally scheduled for tomorrow.

Singapore says it helped Johor make up for water shortage

The city-state's Public Utilities Board says it has been supplying additional treated water to Johor, including six million mgd last week.

Let them be, Singapore ex-PM says on ‘intrusion’ of Malaysian vessels

Goh Chok Tong says the republic should avoid escalating tensions.

Political instability blamed for ringgit’s slide against Singapore dollar

The ringgit declined in the eight months since Pakatan Harapan took over, says report.

No plan to recall ships, says Dr M as tension with...

The prime minister says it is normal to have 'overlapping claims', saying relations are still good.

Dr M to visit Singapore, to discuss water rates

Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya says Malaysia has the right to ask for a review of the price of raw water supplied to Singapore.

Singapore puzzled by portal’s report on leaders’ retreat

The Singapore High Commission says the postponement is due to a request from Malaysia.

Dr M deserves our respect, says Singapore foreign minister

Vivian Balakrishnan speaks highly of the Malaysian prime minister, saying he holds the veteran leader in high esteem despite his 'sometimes provocative' views.

Singapore my first destination after becoming PM, says Anwar

The PKR leader also says he does not think there is a problem in ties between both countries.

Exiled Singapore activist meets Dr Mahathir

Former student leader Tan Wah Piow says the May 9 elections offer a hope for better democracy in the region.

No water talks with Malaysia, says Singapore

The Singapore deputy prime minister refers to calls by Dr Mahathir to revise water rates.

Japan, China battle for KL-S’pore rail link

Japan lost a similar project last year, in Indonesia, to China.