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Nicki Minaj throws a twerk party in new ‘Megatron’ video

It is still unclear whether 'Megatron' is a standalone single or if it announces Minaj's fifth studio album.

Lana Del Rey teases new single

An accompanying black and white video finds Del Rey sitting in a bedroom as she listens to the track.

US dreams of ‘unipolar world’ in nuclear deal pull-out, says Russian...

The official says the United State's main motive is a dream of a unipolar world which will not come true.

No need for MCA to close shop over Balakong defeat, says...

Former Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi says Malaysia needs opposition parties to ensure check and balance against the government of the day and the MCA should reorganise itself to become more powerful.

Call to Dayak parties to band together for political power

Two political observers say the Dayaks have been used by others and it is time for them to come together as one to chart their destiny.

Sierra Leone ‘people’s popstar’ on life as govt enemy No.1

Emmerson's first single "Yu Go See Am" ridiculed government officials stuffing their faces and skimming money off state funds while ordinary citizens went hungry.

Married heart patients more likely than singles to survive

Married heart patients are also less likely to have high blood pressure or require heart medications.