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Group says death penalty in the way of seeking truth behind...

Madpet questions the delay in amending the laws to abolish the death penalty.

Australia defends ties to toppled BN government

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Canberra had simply 'worked with the government of Malaysia of the day'.

Putrajaya to seek Australia’s stand on Sirul

But Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he will not be seeking extradition for the former policeman.

Aussie envoy: Death penalty makes it hard to help Malaysia

He warns that Malaysia risks becoming isolated within the community of law enforcement if it does not do away with capital punishment.

Cops to reinvestigate Altantuya murder case

IGP says the investigation paper will be referred to the DPP to decide on further action.

Abolish the death penalty & extradite Sirul

By abolishing the death penalty, we can ensure Sirul Azhar Umar, the convicted killer of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, faces justice in our country.

Govt still studying ways to extradite Sirul from Australia

Home minister Zahid Hamidi says Malaysia has not made the extradition request as it needs to use extra tact after Australia stated it is against the death penalty.

Akhirnya, pembunuh Altantuya di Australia terima dokumen mahkamah

Peguam keluarga Altantuya, Ramkarpal berkata dengan penyerahan pindaan penyata tuntutan itu kepada Sirul, perbicaraan diharap akan dapat diadakan pada tahun depan.

Altantuya’s killer finally served court papers in Australia

Ramkarpal Singh hopes trial could be held next year as the suit was filed almost 10 years ago.

Altantuya’s family to serve court papers on killer Sirul

The family has been "waiting too long" for the 10-year old conspiracy lawsuit to commence.

In Parliament this morning

IGP's tweeting habits, unilateral conversions and convicted killer Sirul Azhar Umar's extradiction issues brought up in Dewan Rakyat today.

March 24 for case management of suit by Altantuya’s family

Altantuya's family, in statement of claim, allege that her death caused them mental and psychological trauma.

Sirul ‘bersumpah’ Najib tak terlibat pembunuhan Altantuya

Mahfuz enggan mengulas mengenai video pengakuan oleh Sirul kerana kesahihan rakaman itu tidak jelas.

Sirul’s future depends on ‘protection visa’, says lawyer

His lawyer says the protection visa will make Sirul a free man... in Australia, at least.

Mahfuz: What exactly has Sirul’s lawyer done for him?

There are individuals who have attempted to contact Sirul for personal gain.