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Tag: Sisters in Islam

Be bold in speaking on public interest issues, lawyer tells Bar...

Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al Mahdzar says the council has so far remained silent on matters such as Zakir Naik, the recent court ruling on SIS and the raids on Shia Muslims.

Putrajaya, judiciary duty-bound to protect SIS, says jurists body

They have to protect such groups when they face persecution for propounding alternative views about their religion, says the International Commission of Jurists.

Wait for written judgment before commenting on SIS ruling, says lawyer

Farhan Haziq Mohamed says the High Court ruling is not the end of the road for SIS as the matter will likely go to the Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

SIS shows the positivity of Islam in multiracial Malaysia

The recent court dismissal of SIS’s challenge of a five-year fatwa labelling it an Islamic ‘deviant’ organisation is problematic.

Peguam berbeza pendapat berhubung keputusan mahkamah ke atas SIS

Hakim Nordin Hassan tidak bersetuju dengan SIS bahawa pihak berkuasa agama negeri tidak mempunyai bidang kuasa ke atasnya kerana ia didaftarkan sebagai sebuah syarikat.

Lawyers split on implications of court ruling against SIS

One says the court's decision only affects Sisters in Islam, but another says it could affect corporate decision-making.

Protect SIS, not attack it, says Lawyers for Liberty after court...

Lawyers for Liberty says the decision of the High Court in affirming the fatwa against Sisters in Islam has major consequences for others, too.

A dark day for Malaysia, women’s rights

Despite the High Court decision on the fatwa against Sisters in Islam, it will continue to champion the rights of women in Malaysia.

NGOs seek update on move to criminalise marital rape

Sisters in Islam and the Women’s Aid Organisation criticise Putrajaya's long silence on the issue.

Stop policing the way women dress, SIS tells Kelantan religious body

Group slams issuing of summonses to 39 women for dressing sexily and behaving indecently in public.

PAS MP reprimands Hannah Yeoh for giving RM20,000 to SIS

Siti Zailah says deputy minister should not have given any aid to Sisters in Islam as it will ‘confuse’ Muslim women and as SIS’s activities are ‘contrary’ to Islam.

Stop female circumcision, it has no medical benefit, say women’s groups

It is nothing more than a cultural tradition says Sisters in Islam, while another NGO says it perpetuates a ‘harmful ideology’.

Do we need an Islamic state to be good Muslims?

Why can’t we just be good Muslims in a progressive country which embraces modernity?

2019 will see the rise of more Beautiful Malaysians

I expect an increase in the chorus of Malaysian voices speaking out against injustice, racists and politicians who use religion to gain support, even as racial rhetoric rises.

Lindungi wanita, jangan permudahkan poligami, kata aktivis

Adalah lebih baik kerajaan menggubal undang-undang bagi memastikan suami membayar nafkah kepada isteri dan anak-anak mereka.

Activists’ draft law on discrimination sent to ministry

KL Bar chief Goh Siu Lin says LGBT members among those to be protected, urges government to help enact the proposed law.

Sisters In Islam: Larang kahwin bawah umur kepada semua kanak-kanak

NGO itu berkata tiada keadaan yang membenarkan perkahwinan kanak-kanak berlaku di negara ini.

Ban child marriage for all children, says Sisters in Islam

The NGO says there is no acceptable circumstance which can allow child marriage to take place in the country.

Nurul’s tudung ‘lecture’ shows moral policing becoming a norm, says SIS

NGO expresses concern that women and girls accept that men can tell them how to dress and behave.

Kumpulan sivil desak 30% perwakilan wanita dalam Kabinet

Kumpulan masyarakat sivil berkata PH mesti menunaikan manifesto mengenai perwakilan wanita.

Unicef: Unilateral conversion ruling in tune with UN convention

Malaysia is a signatory to the agreement that promotes the best interests of a child, says Unicef rep.

Groups concerned over Jakim’s ‘gender identity’ test

14 NGOs and civil society groups want Jakim to make public what is involved in the gender test and all related processes.

State religion status leaves many ‘outside the box’

This is due to differing interpretations on the status of Islam as stated in the Constitution, says Marina Mahathir.

NGO wanita: Jangan sensasikan tajuk berita elak pembaca keliru

Pengarah eksekutif Sisters In Islam berkata, tajuk berita sesetengah media tidak sensitif terhadap mangsa rogol dan penderitaan mereka.