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Labourer who became deaf after being slapped by cop gets RM100,000

The incident happened during a police raid on a house in Tumpat 4 years ago.

Taiwan entertainer faces jail for slapping minister over history row

Cheng Hui-chung, 67, was questioned by prosecutors after she slapped culture minister Cheng Li-chiun in the face during an event on Tuesday.

Cops hunting for man who slapped trader for refusing to sell...

In the incident which was caught on camera, police say the woman trader refused to sell more than 1kg of oil as her supplies were limited.

Nasi kandar shop customer slaps waiter when told not to smoke

Restaurant lodges police report after patron assaults foreign national.

Businessman fined RM2,000 for punching Bangladeshi mechanic

The offence was committed at a car service centre in Taman Maluri, Cheras, on Oct 9.

Palestinian teen in ‘slap video’ jailed eight months in plea deal

Ahed Tamimi will be fined 5,000 shekels, and will also receive an eight-month jail term.

Maid abuse? Many Malaysians simply do not care

Employers act as if they own the maids and the ‘don't care’ attitude is present in the individual right up to the crony who runs the agency and the heads of enforcement in the various government departments.

Credit control officer fined RM2,000 for slapping Nepalese guard

He was slapped for asking the man to register at guardhouse before entering Mentari Court Apartment.

Man arrested for slapping worker over headscarf

Father tells police that his son has been mentally unsound since a car accident 15 years ago.

Woman in viral ‘slapping’ video lodges police report

The 24-year-old Indonesian factory worker says her assailant seemed of unsound mind and merely shoved her head back.

Indian airline fires pilots over mid-air row

Jet Airways says they dismissed the duo after investigating allegations that the male pilot slapped his female colleague.

Slapping incident: Education ministry to meet with student’s family

Deputy Minister Chong Sin Woon says meeting is aimed at settling the misunderstanding between the family and the teacher involved.

Teachers, just follow the rules

They should refer difficult students to the headmaster or discipline master for an unbiased decision and appropriate punishment.

Teenage kindergarten teacher charged with hurting pupil

R Nishalini, 18, is accused of using criminal force to cause injury to the ears and cheeks of a four-year-old boy.

Man jailed 1 month for slapping wife

The couple, who have five children, are believed to be undergoing a divorce.

Guan Eng upset at new slapping ‘culture’

The Penang chief minister says he will leave it to his information officer Zaidi Ahmad to 'handle it' after he was slapped during a protest yesterday.

Najib uses Teo, Mat Over as examples to push for unity

This is after the actor and film producer are seen sitting side by side during the prime minister's national address on the state of the economy.

TN50 slap: Police to record Teo, Mat Over’s statements

KL CID chief says both men will be called in today over incident at TN50 forum for entertainment industry players last Wednesday.

Ramkarpal: Not taking action on Mat Over a ‘slap in the...

DAP MP Ramkarpal Singh says the authorities are sending the message that people can get away with committing offences, even in front of the PM.

‘Slap’ incident being blown out of proportion

We are witnessing too many 'bizarre antics' arising from the incident when Sulaiman Yassin slapped David Teo right in front of our PM.

NGO wants David Teo to make televised public apology

Meanwhile, president of Persa­­tuan Seniman Malaysia, Zed Zaidi, tells 'outsiders' to stop interfering in the matter which he considers 'settled'.

Actor slaps film producer David Teo in front of Najib

Actor Sulaiman Yassin slapped Teo after the film producer criticised the event's moderator for allegedly overlooking those seated at the back.

Man repeatedly slaps lover in public

The incident is believed to have happened at Kluang Parade.

Cop held for domestic violence

Arrest follows viral video showing policeman slapping wife at Felda beat base near Segamat.