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Malaysian rubber gloves among banned goods in US anti-slavery crackdown

It is among five products the US seized based on information they were made using slave labour.

Australia to help Asean firms tackle slavery in supply chains

It is part of a 10-year counter-trafficking initiative launched by Australia and Asean.

Migrants mistakenly held in Thai trafficking shelters

The US State Department criticises Thailand for not pushing their anti-trafficking efforts enough.

Activist: Thailand needs neighbours’ help to crack down on slavery at...

Thailand's crackdown on exploitation and slavery will only succeed if its neighbours step up and adopt anti-trafficking laws, said a labour rights activist.

‘Coronation Street’ to spotlight modern slavery

Britain is home to at least 136,000 modern slaves, according to the Global Slavery Index.

Australia’s labour abuse crackdown will protect slaves, says official

The country is home to an estimated 15,000 victims of modern slavery, from forced labour and sexual exploitation to domestic servitude.

Pope denounces ‘scourge’ of human trafficking and slavery

Francis says more must be done by reporting cases of exploitation and slavery of men, women and children.

Merry or misery? Shoppers urged to avoid Christmas gifts linked to...

British government officials say buying fake goods, from handbags to mobile phones, could support sweatshops and child labour.

Modern-day slavery in the supply chain: What you can do

A report says women workers are particularly vulnerable to exploitation in certain sectors, and that 5-15% of the 5.5 million children work in forced labour.

Major companies urged to stop telling anti-slavery ‘fairytales’

Anti-slavery certification schemes or codes of conduct are often sub-standard and fail to combat worker exploitation.

Sex, drugs and slavery? Human trafficking hidden in UK hotels

LONDON: Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll – nothing new for the hospitality industry but British hoteliers say loud music, used condoms and alcohol...

‘Too easy’ to groom children as drug mules, says UK ex-gangster

The promise of quick cash, the lure of gangster life and a lack of alternatives leave many children prey to criminals who traffic them to transport drugs around the country.

Cambodia construction boom built on ‘blood bricks’ and slavery, says report

Poverty fuelled partly by climate change has pushed tens of thousands of Cambodian families into bonded labour in the booming capital.

US blocks slave-made goods to ‘safeguard American jobs’

Trump has imposed import duties on China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union, raising trade tensions as he seeks to set right what he sees as unfair trade balances.

Kanye West sparks new outrage in calling slavery ‘choice’

Rapper Kanye West, on the receiving end in the music world after backing President Donald Trump, sparked fresh outrage Tuesday when he called slavery "a choice."

UK anti-slavery hotline uncovers almost 5,000 potential victims in first year

Unseen, which runs the hotline, says the 3,710 calls from the public and from victims last year led to about 1,450 referrals to anti-slavery groups, the National Crime Agency and every police force in the country.

Executions, torture and slave markets persist in Libya, UN says

The Human Rights Council particularly condemned extrajudicial and unlawful killings in Libya.

Have a merry Afro-Colombian Christmas, in February

The entire town of Quinamayo turns out for the annual procession through the streets, which moves from house to house in search of the Baby Jesus.

UN wants Libya to agree to shut down migrant camps

Each of the detention centres in Libya holds an average of 500 migrants.

Malaysian woman in Australia jailed for sex trafficking

Khoo Lay Foon has been sentenced to over three years' jail after being found guilty of trafficking her friend into sex work.

Time to call construction industry to account

Group laments latest tragedy, says migrant workers are working under conditions that could be considered 'modern day slavery', without adequate protection.

Brick by brick: Satellite images could identify slave labor in India

Nearly 70% of brick kiln workers in South Asia are estimated to be working in bonded and forced labor, according to a 2016 report by the International Labor Organization. About a fifth of those are under age.

Malaysian’s photos on racism featured in The Guardian

Daniel Lee Adam's series 'Why Is Your English So Good?' exposes the casual racism Malaysians encounter in the UK and Ireland on a daily basis.

Suhakam praises cops for rescuing 18 from forced labour

It hopes more will be done to dismantle human trafficking syndicates operating in the country.