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Watchdog warns EU leaders ‘weakening’ journalists after murder

Jan Kuciak, who had been probing alleged high-level political corruption in Slovakia linked to the Italian mafia, was found shot dead alongside his fiancee Martina Kusnirova on Sunday.

Slovak investigative journalist killed at home

Ján Kuciak, a journalist for Aktuality.sk who had been reporting on tax fraud, was killed in his home in Veľka Mača.

Slovakia rejects treaty combatting violence against women

Slovakia followed the lead of Bulgaria, which also recently rejected the same treaty, by doing so.

Czechs, Slovaks mark 25 years since ‘Velvet Divorce’

It has now been 25 years since the Czech Republic and Slovakia first split into separate countries.

FAM to lose RM34 million if it loses two court cases

FAM president Tunku Ismail says there may be no allocation for the national squad and teams competing in the Malaysian Leagues if FAM loses the two court cases.