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Tag: slum

Hamilton: I made a mistake with slum comments

The Briton said on national television that it had been a dream for him and his family 'to get out of the slums'.

Beauty queen from slum is crowned Miss Venezuela

Isabella Rodriguez, 25, from a Caracas shantytown called Petare has been crowned Miss Venezuela.

Violence in Rio slums, failed bid to end it, depicted in...

An upcoming movie will depict the struggles of life in the favela of Tavares Bastos.

Indian blockbuster spotlights slum dwellers’ struggle for land rights

Residents of Mumbai's sprawling Dharavi slum face down a powerful politician eying their community for a real estate development in an Indian blockbuster, which puts a rare spotlight on urban poor's land rights.

In Jakarta, flood-hit slum residents aim for a higher, drier future

Increases in sea level and regular floods from heavy rain and monsoons, combined with crumbling infrastructure to cope with excess water, mean the city’s slum dwellers often face the brunt of water problems, experts say.