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Tag: SM Mohamed Idris

Cancel 3 islands project, that’s honour enough, says brother of consumer...

Mohideen Abdul Kader says there is no need to name a road or park after the late consumer advocate.

Anwar sertai solat jenazah pejuang hak pengguna SM Idris

Jenazah SM Mohamed Idris dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Islam Jalan Perak pada jam 10.45 pagi tadi.

Anwar joins in prayers for the late consumer activist Idris

Hundreds attend his wake at his Rose Avenue home and funeral at the Perak Road cemetery in Penang.

Tributes pour in for consumerist extraordinaire

Those close and far share tributes for services by well-known consumerist.

Pejuang hak pengguna terkenal SM Idris meninggal dunia

Beliau meninggal dunia selepas dimasukkan ke hospital kerana masalah kesukaran bernafas.

Many Penangites silent on major projects due to ignorance, says activist

He doesn't agree with the Penang chief minister's contention that the silent majority support reclamation work and the PTMP transport system.

Stop reclamation projects, CAP tells Penang govt

CAP president says these projects do not benefit the majority of the people as they cannot afford to buy the expensive properties on reclaimed land.

Act against Penang city council, officers over Bukit Kukus landslide, says...

If the city council and officers and others involved in the project walk away scot free, it will only promote impunity, says consumer group.

Draw up new strategy to do justice to Palestinians

Malaysia’s example will force other leaders, particularly from the Arab and Muslim countries, to take a firm stand against Israel.

Prosedur kemasukan kanak-kanak bawah 6 tahun ke Tahun 1 perlu dikaji...

Kementerian Pendidikan mesti berani menyimpang daripada amalan sedia ada untuk penambahbaikan, kata presiden CAP.

CAP scoffs at ‘excuses’ of trade groups for protesting smoking ban

The consumer group supports the government ban on smoking at all eateries and hopes the sale of cigarettes at eateries will stop, too.

Forget the Act of God excuse, CAP tells Penang over landslide

CAP also urges city council officials who approved the hillside road project and those monitoring it to take the blame and resign immediately.

Putrajaya must condemn Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, says rights NGO

Penang-based Citizens International also wants the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia until those responsible for the journalist's kidnap and murder are punished.

Kerajaan patut haramkan ‘vape’ dan ‘shisha’ di restoran terbuka, kata CAP

Presiden CAP, SM Mohamed Idris berkata kedua-dua bahan tembakau itu juga mempunyai bahan seperti rokok yang membahayakan perokok pasif.

Is Putrajaya for or against smoking?

The SST exemption for a section of the cigarette market is seen as inconsistent with the plan to ban smoking in outdoor eateries.

Naik yuran konsultasi: Persatuan ingatkan kerajaan pengguna masih terbeban

Peningkatan mendadak akan menghalang pengguna mendapatkan rawatan, yang mungkin membawa kesan lebih teruk.

SST: Simpan resit kesan kenaikan harga tidak adil, kata menteri

Saifuddin Nasution berkata, resit merupakan bukti sahih yang boleh membantu kementerian mengambil tindakan ke atas peniaga degil.

Minister: Yes, keep receipts to detect unfair post-SST price hikes

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail says the receipts are tangible proof that can help the ministry bring errant traders to book.

Do your part to monitor SST, consumer groups tell public

Consumer activist advises the people to start saving receipts so that they can compare prices once the SST is implemented.

Suspend Penang Transport Master Plan pending review, says CAP

The consumer body says the state government has misplaced priorities.

CAP calls for ban on toys featuring electric shock

SM Mohamed Idris says the dangerous novelty items were being sold in the market.

Don’t sign revised trade pact, consumers group urges government

Consumers Association of Penang says the new agreement will be even worse than the original as there will not even be the benefit of selling more exports to the US.

Easy access to loans contributes to bankruptcy, says consumers group

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) says many financial institutions do not cross-check applicants' backgrounds before approving loans.

CAP: We called for luxury projects freeze 28 years ago

Consumer Association of Penang chief Mohamed Idris welcomes govt's freeze on luxury properties, saying his advice fell on deaf ears all this time.