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Smartphone addiction may help identify depression

Researchers find device dependency increases risk of feelings of loneliness.

Huawei promises smartest 5G phone, but who will be brave enough...

Analysts say that without the Google ecosystem consumers won’t want to buy the Huawei Mate 30.

Rohingya youth share their stories on social media

30 kids selected and trained by the World Food Programme for its 'Storytellers' project share their experiences living in the world's largest refugee camp.

Google builds gesture controls into new Pixel phone

The Pixel 4 is expected to make its debut in October.

Russian defense contractor developing smartphone spyware, says US firm

A St Petersburg-based defence contractor develops a code that has been aimed at a small number of targets, including those interested in a rebel militia in Russian-allied Syria.

The smartphone: A global product

A look at Huawei's P30 and how recent trade tensions between the US and China display the global power of smartphone manufacturing.

Pengeluar smartphone Xiaomi kini hasilkan SUV

Dengan konsep rekaan Bestune T77 dan dikuasai enjin 1,200cc berkuasa turbo mampu memberi kuasa 143hp dan 204 Nm tork.

Smartphone moviemakers take the limelight at African festival

The overarching aim of the festival, amply covered on social media, is to promote new talent.

Gempak… Samsung uji kamera Galaxy S10 di angkasa ketika pelancaran

Samsung Galaxy S10 tampil kelebihan pada kamera dan video yang tidak tercapai dek akal hasilnya

Wow…Nokia tampil smartphone baru bukan 3 tapi 5 kamera

Demi mewujudkan persaingan sihat Nokia 9 PureView memberi kelebihan kepada penggemar smartphone yang menitikberatkan kamera

3 considerations before buying a smartphone

Follow these simple yet effective thought processes to help make an informed purchase.

Emerging economies catching up in smartphone adoption

It was found that in advanced economies, large majorities who owns a smartphone are under the age of 35.

Once red-hot smartphone market sees cooler trend

Fresh surveys show global sales had their worst contraction ever in 2018, and the outlook for 2019 isn't much better.

Your smartphone might be the cause of your neck pain

When we receive text messages, we bend our necks to read and respond to them.

Xiaomi CEO looks past selloff to 5G-Led China smartphone revival

Lei declined to comment on how an economic deceleration might affect his business, he did say 5G will revive not just demand for smartphones, but also the internet services Xiaomi hosts.

Billions of Xiaomi shares to be unlocked for sale

More than 3 billion shares will be unlocked, equal to about 19% of those outstanding.

The most anticipated smartphones already on the docket for 2019

Smartphone giants are giving a fairly good idea as to what's to come over the next couple months.

Belgium reviews smartphone use by troops to counter spying

A review is underway where Belgian military and troops shall no longer be allowed to use their smartphones as a way to counter spying.

Dirac ‘improves’ smartphone bass with psychoacoustics

Portable speakers and smartphone speakers simply aren't capable of moving the amount of air required to produce the resonating, bass sounds that larger devices can.

Hi Proton… best sales pitch ever for a car

The vehicle's most pronounced feature - its hands-free operations for a number of functions thanks to advanced voice recognition software.

Xiaomi and Honor kick off the race for pixels

The first smartphones featuring 48-megapixel cameras are scheduled to launch in 2019.

Heavy screen time appears to impact children’s brains

Kids who spend more than two hours a day on screens score worse on language and reasoning tests.

Russian tech giant Yandex unveils first smartphone

The Yandex.Phone, will go on sale on Thursday in Russia and also online for US$269 and will work with the Android system.

Attack of the small screens: Africa eyes mobile gaming boom

Many African developers are opting to tailor games for mobile devices instead of traditional consoles like PlayStation or desktop computers, leading to a surge of handheld innovation on the continent.