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Do face masks really help with haze?

Surgical and cloth masks are largely inefficient while N95 masks, which are more expensive, must be worn correctly and changed periodically.

Malaysia calls for Asean action on forest fires

Environment ministry officials will bring up the haze problem at a two-day meeting in Brunei.

Remote Cape with ‘world’s cleanest air’ offers smog respite

Tasmania's beautiful Cape Grim peninsula is an unlikely reference point when it comes to the global standard for clean air.

Bangkok governor appeals for help reducing toxic smog

Authorities have seeded clouds to provoke rain, sprayed overpasses with water to catch micro-pollutants, and even urged people not to burn incense ahead of Chinese New Year.

Indian capital under cloud of smog as pollution level jumps

Levels of PM 2.5, tiny particulate matter that can reach deep into the lungs and cause major health problems, were above 400 in most parts of the capital, and in some places soared above 600.

India has a toxic air problem like China

New Delhi has long struggled to pull together the type of coordinated national approach that’s helped Beijing reduce pollution.

In war on smog, China considers how to take polluting diesel...

If adopted, it could slow China's outright crude oil demand growth, which has been a key global price driver and revenue safeguard for the petroleum industry.

Next up in China’s clean-air push is a gas pipeline behemoth

Regulators are aiming to announce a decision before winter to combine oil and gas pipeline assets owned by China's three state energy giants under a new national operator.

EBRD says would back Poland’s electric cars, anti-smog plan

Poland aims to have one million electric cars on its roads by 2025 and also intends to set up offshore wind farms.

STUDY: China cuts smog but health damage already done

China faces about 1.6 million premature deaths a year as a result of air pollution.

Smog in northern Chinese region rises 27% in March

Concentrations of PM2.5 climbed to 80 micrograms per cubic metre in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region last month.

Thai magazine sued for ‘blasphemous’ painting of ancient kings

All matters touching on the monarchy are highly sensitive in Thailand, a country where kings have been worshipped as near dieties and are protected by one of the world's harshest royal defamation laws.

China urges northern cities to shut factories as smog builds

The Shanghai Securities News said the notice also included measures to shut or reduce output at a selected number of plants in the region.

China’s Jiangsu vows to step up smog war after January spike,...

Jiangsu Governor Wu Zhenglong said that higher standards and stricter strategies would be implemented to reduce the amount of smog in the province.

Putin says environment priority for expected new term

Russian President Vladimir Putin cited the city of Krasnoyarsk as an example of why Russia needs to prioritize improving the environment.

Coal-loving Poland struggles with killer smog

Poland's coal industry has brought the country economic prosperity, but also severely damaged its air quality.

Hong Kong engulfed in smog as fears grow over air

There is more smog over Hong Kong's skies now than there has been in a long time.

Alpine air at work? Delhi eyes novel ways to battle smog

This includes a greenhouse to produce clean air and a generator that converts captured carbon and other fine particles into ink pigment and paints.

Beijing may be starting to win its battle against smog

The Chinese capital is set to record its biggest improvement in air quality in at least nine years, with a nearly 20% change for the better this year.

Delhi rolls out ‘anti-smog’ mist cannon in trial run

The cannon is intended to reduce smog over New Delhi's skies, but has been criticized for its lack of long-term practicality.

No joke: China government warns northern cities to get serious in...

The Chinese government has criticized some cities in the north of China for their poor air quality.

‘We’re praying’: Officials say India will not act on smog this...

The provincial leaders of New Delhi and neighboring Haryana states, after exchanging barbs on Twitter for days, agreed on Wednesday on measures to control the smog - in 2018.

Pakistan indifferent as smog kills more people than militancy

Obvious suspects include unchecked industrial emissions, millions of poorly maintained vehicles, and a complete lack of waste management, with tonnes of rubbish often burned in the streets.

‘Don’t panic’ says Indian minister as smog crisis deepens

Harsh Vardhan said "routine precautions" were all that were needed to cope with levels of dangerous pollutants in the air that have exceeded World Health Organization safety guidelines many times over every day for the past week.