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Ban entry, sale of vape devices, Putrajaya urged

The Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control says drug pedlars may lace such devices with drugs.

Good cardiovascular health at age 50 can lead to lower dementia...

New European research has found that maintaining good cardiovascular health during midlife could help to also promote good brain health later on.

Wrong to equate plastics with smoking, says activist

Peka's Shariffa Sabrina Syed Akil says the dumping of plastics will pollute the earth for a long time while smokers bring harm only to themselves.

WHO says e-cigarettes ‘undoubtedly harmful’

The WHO argues that there is 'insufficient evidence' to support claims of e-cigarettes' effectiveness in assisting smokers trying to quit conventional ones.

Quitting smoking? Here are 4 triggers you need to beat

Dealing with triggers is not easy. However, once you can identify your own smoking triggers, you're already halfway to quitting smoking.

Govt to consider dispensing nicotine patches, gum at clinics

Health DG Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says his ministry is exploring the possibility of working with the private sector and pharmaceutical companies on this.

CAP warns of creative tobacco industry to beat new laws

It urges the health ministry to plug all loopholes in current legislation and anticipate how the tobacco industry will evolve in the future.

British American Tobacco plans to introduce its heat-not-burn products

Tobacco company says it is ready to roll out its tobacco products but is waiting for price approval from the government.

Upcoming tobacco law could go up in smoke without political will,...

Greater enforcement plus a more comprehensive review of tobacco and smoking products is needed.

New bill for control, enforcement of all tobacco-related products by year-end

The health ministry says the proposed law will cover the dos and don'ts of the industry and the penalties involved.

‘Mini-cigars’ comply with health, tax laws, says British American Tobacco

Tobacco company claims mini-cigars being sold in East Malaysia are not cigarettes.

Health ministry to investigate open sale of ‘mini-cigars’ in Sabah, Sarawak

Mini-cigars using the brand of a prominent tobacco company are being openly sold without tax stamps or pictorial health warnings.

US regulators probe reports of e-cigarette use causing seizures

The use of e-cigarettes began to take off among young Americans in the 2010s, and overtook cigarette smoking in 2014.

Malaysia No.1 in the world for illegal cigarettes, says study

A new study finds 58.9% of cigarettes sold in the country are illegal cigarettes.

Study: E-cigarettes haven’t made teen smoking cool again

The findings say nicotine-delivering electronic cigarettes are not, as once feared, a gateway drug for tobacco.

Putrajaya to enact new law to increase no-smoking zones

But Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says there will still be designated spots for smokers to light up.

Heat-not-burn refills shouldn’t be dodging tax, health requirements

Former health ministry official and a think-tank say heat-not-burn refills need to be treated like cigarettes.

Cigar Smoking World Championships in KL – slowest race on earth

Here's the chance for cigar connoisseurs to clench the championship title at the Astor Bar in St Regis from 7pm tomorrow.

Putrajaya urged to ban heat-not-burn smoking devices

The products, which entered the market last year, have reportedly been banned in neighbouring Singapore.

Pregnant smokers may face increased sudden infant death risk

American researchers find that any amount of smoking – even just one cigarette a day – appears to double sudden infant death risks.

Smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity linked to brain shrinkage

Researchers found various vascular risks factors are linked to greater brain shrinkage, less grey matter and less healthy white matter.

Heavy smoking could damage your vision finds new study

The study showed that smokers had a reduced ability to discriminate between contrasts and colours when compared to the non-smokers.

After smoking ban, Putrajaya mulls plain packaging for cigarettes

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye says the ministry will study the matter and consult with stakeholders.

Making football stadiums a ‘zero sampah’ zone

Perak and Terengganu are just two clubs that have begun efforts to raise awareness among football fans who leave behind a mess of 'kuaci' seeds and cigarette butts.