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Tag: snacks

Tea Kadai’s cre-a-tea-ve menu

Tea Kadai is an overnight social media star for its fascinating tea time menu.

Eat out: Famous Petaling Street hawker fare

Petaling Street is famous for its imitation goods, cheap clothing but most of all its hawker treats that keep locals and tourists coming back for more.

Cucur Udang by the famous Masterchef Zaleha

Cucur Udang may look easy but is a technical dish to prepare - you must have the correct ratio of flour to water, and oil for frying at the perfect temperature.

Gum, bottled water, pizza bagels want to be called ‘healthy’

The federal standards for use of the word 'healthy' on labels was established in 1994 and set limits on total fat and cholesterol.

Nestle wants your DNA

Nestle SA has joined the trend for personalised nutrition with a blend of artificial intelligence, DNA testing and the modern obsession with Instagramming food.

The Playground: A cool concept of the modern day workspace

Freelancers, budding entrepreneurs and students who wish to work or study in a conducive co-sharing environment will find the Playground the perfect spot.