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Slithery sewer discovery reveals Thailand’s third-largest snake

4m king cobra found in housing estate weighed 15 kilos.

Man dies while removing snake from car

Post-mortem shows he died from a heart condition and not from the snake.

Snake chases lawmakers from Nigerian state parliament

A spokesman for lawmakers blames the incident on the dilapidated state of the assembly due to a lack of funds and overdue maintenance.

UN to Indonesia: Probe use of snake in Papua interrogation

The police have been criticised in the Indonesian region of Papua after a man accused of theft was threatened with a live snake during interrogation.

Indonesian cops apologise for using snake in Papua interrogation

A voice can be heard during the video, ordering the man to open his eyes and at one stage threatens to put the snake into his mouth and under his trousers.

Pos Laju worker finds python in parcel sent to Penang

The parcel was declared as football boots by the sender from Gopeng, Perak.

Chinese woman’s online snake purchase proves deadly

Snake wine is typically made by infusing whole snakes in alcohol, with the resulting beverage said to have an invigorating effect.

Hawaii shark bite victim previously attacked by bear, snake

Dylan McWilliams says his parents are grateful he is still alive.

Study finds female pythons care for their young

Female pythons went around seven months without eating, from the time they mate until after the hatching of their clutch.

Villager killed by python he wanted to sell

Snake strangles him while he was transporting it on his motorcycle in Jenjarom.

Snake on a train: Indonesian kills serpent with bare hands

The creature was apparently killed instantly as shocked spectators -- including a baton-wielding transit security officer -- kept their distance.

‘Giant leech’ that crawled out of toilet identified as a snake

The 'giant leech', which weighed almost 20kg, is an elephant trunk snake, locally known as 'ular karung guni' or 'ular guni buruk'.

‘I’ve got a boa constrictor stuck to my face,’ US woman...

Snake she rescued had tightened its grip around her body and started to bite her nose

‘Stop dumping monkeys and snakes in Balik Pulau’

Assemblyman Farid Saad says dangerous animals caught elsewhere in Penang have been frequently seen released in Balik Pulau, causing trouble for the folks in the district.

Firefighter stunned at news reports he married a cobra

Abu Zarin Hussin says he is disappointed that foreign journalists did not verify the facts but posted pictures of him and his pet cobra, describing it was his wife.

‘Snakes in pit’ incident: Public prosecutor gets into the act

The Attorney-General's Chambers says it views the matter seriously and is waiting for outcome of police investigation.

Nasty surprise for woman about to use toilet

She was about to answer the call of nature when she spots the snake inside toilet bowl at her house in Kelantan.

Cat fights off black cobra at home

Homeowner alerted to danger by cat which found the snake trying to enter through a hole in the bathroom.

Slithery intruder in Penang flats was from the wild

Perhilitan finds no proof of the reptile being caged in one of the units, as reported earlier, and says it will be released back into the wild.

Slithery intruder ‘sacked’

Cobra escapes enclosure from a flat unit and causes panic among flat residents in Penang.

Third student bitten by snake in school

The Form Three student in Negeri Sembilan was returning to school hostel after performing prayers when bitten.

Education ministry to review SOP for schools’ safety

This follows death of a Year One pupil after being bitten by a snake in her school compound in Kelantan.