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Snap election looms after UK lawmakers vote to block no-deal’ Brexit

UK PM Boris Johnson's proposal for an election on Oct 15 secured 298 votes to 56, far short of the 434 needed, as Labour abstained.

Opponents of no-deal Brexit defeat PM Johnson in parliament vote

The victory is the first hurdle for lawmakers who will seek to pass a law forcing Boris Johnson to ask the EU to delay Brexit until Jan 31.

Moldova acting president Pavel Filip calls for snap election

Pavel Filip has dissolved parliament and called for snap elections in Moldova after the court suspended pro-Russia president Igor Dodon. 

Merkel’s conservatives hit new low, piling pressure on coalition

Angela Merkel's conservatives ruling coalition has fallen which could likely increase a chance for a federal election next year.

Greek PM likely to call snap general election

Alexis Tsipras may call for snap elections  after suffering a heavy defeat in yesterday's European Parliament elections.

Austria’s President recommends parliamentary elections in early September

Van der Bellen says it was most important that Austrians were given the chance for a new start to rebuild trust in its government.

Spanish PM calls snap polls after budget defeat

Sanchez took power just over eight months ago after he ousted his conservative rival in a dramatic parliamentary no-confidence vote.

Netanyahu denounces calls for Israel snap polls as ‘irresponsible’

The longtime premier says calling snap elections now would be 'irresponsible' as he vowed to push on despite a coalition crisis.

How legal is Theresa May’s call for an early UK election?

Prime Minister says the call for a snap election is necessary as opposition parties are apparently divided and blocking Brexit.

Azmin: No need to hold snap election

Selangor menteri besar says his government cannot betray the mandate given by the people of Selangor to the Opposition coalition in 2013.

Nurul: Pua’s remarks won’t break Opposition pact

PKR vice-president says proposal to hold snap elections in Penang should be resolved amicably and internally.

Umno: Guan Eng has lost confidence of state assembly

Penang Umno chief Zainal Abidin says with Umno and PKR assemblymen's rejection of snap polls, it is as good as a 'no confidence vote' against Chief Minister.

Hold emergency assembly sitting to discuss snap polls

Pulau Betong assemblyman Mohd Farid Saad says if DAP is keen to conduct snap polls, then all its 19 reps must resign in order to conduct fresh elections.

BN: Lim has no business asking PM to call for snap...

Umno and Gerakan slam Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for asking Najib Razak to call for a snap general election.

Zaid: Snap polls a vote on Guan Eng, 1MDB

State elections best platform for Penangites to decide between CM's corruption charge and inaction against PM over 1MDB.

Snap polls: Penang Umno committee to meet on Friday

Members will discuss implications of a snap election proposed by the DAP-led state government.

Snap polls a risky move for Guan Eng, say analysts

Political analysts say people are tired of politics and this could translate to lower turnout and lukewarm support for opposition coaltion in Penang vote.

Taib promises ‘news’ on Monday

He is expected to meet with state Barisan Nasional MPs and assemblyman tomorrow and the state coalition's Supreme Council members on Monday