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Tag: Social Democrats

Portugal’s Socialists win re-election

Costa's Socialist Party took 37% of the vote, followed by centre-right Social Democrats with 28%.

Merkel allies suffer double blow in German regional elections

The setbacks for the ruling parties were not as major as feared but could still hasten the break-up of the national coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Romanian government defeats no-confidence vote as thousands protest

The opposition accused the cabinet of Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă of facilitating corruption.

Romania to maintain fiscal stimulus policy until 2020

Romania’s government will maintain its policy of cutting taxes and raising the minimum wage and state pensions until 2020 in a bid to improve living standards.

Planned Czech government to boost investments, defense spending

The planned coalition between the ANO and Social Democrats would increase defense spending, social spending, and infrastructure investments.

Support for German SPD drops to half that of Merkel’s bloc

The Social Democrats only have the support of 17% of the German electorate.

Czech ruling party says near coalition deal to end limbo

The Czech Republic has been in the midst of a political deadlock for half a year, but this may soon end.

Romanian PM to visit Israel as embassy row brews

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's visit to Israel is related to the possible transfer of Romania's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Portugal government, opposition agree to cooperate after feud

Portugal’s Socialist government and the main opposition Social Democrats agreed to cooperate on some reforms and funding plans.

Czech PM Babiš says government with Communists, far right a last...

Forming a government with the Communists and SPD party would give Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party a parliamentary majority.

Youth wing demands change in Merkel’s CDU after coalition concessions

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU made many concessions to the SPD, the Young Union has demanded that the CDU find a successor to Merkel.

Merkel under fire from own ranks over German coalition deal

"Chancellor at any price," the daily Bild wrote on its front page. "Merkel gifts the SPD the government."

Merkel readies for intense German coalition talks after tight SPD vote

After the Social Democrats voted to pursue coalition talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now a step closer to forming her desired coalition.

Merkel’s CDU agrees to pursue grand coalition in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party, the Christian Democratic Union, has agreed to attempt to broker a coalition with the Social Democratic Party.