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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tag: social security

Bigger perspective needed of social security

There should be a contributory social protection scheme for freelancers for workplace injuries, accident protection and other contingencies.

French seniors get a prescription for special bread

Next October, medical food group Nutrisens will launch a line of vitamin-enriched cakes whose cost will be reimbursed by French national health insurance.

Housewives’ EPF: Looking for ways around the law

Government agencies and departments to meet in August at a special conference to look into technicalities such as EPF Acts' protection of members' contributions.

Socso says it spent more than total premiums to help those...

Socso chief responds to a report calling for legislation reform to help workers with chronic diseases.

Elderly to outnumber young after 2045, says ministry

Women, Family and Community Development Ministry says this is the by-product of development as well as improved health structures and systems.

Socso fines 500 employers for failing to register workers

Socso issues RM300,000 in fines for employers under 'Ops Kesan' from April 1 after end of one-month amnesty period.

Bill on Socso-like scheme for the self-employed tabled

The Self-Employment Social Security Bill 2017 seeks to make it mandatory for all self-employed people to contribute to the fund which will distribute benefits to individuals insured.

Retrenchment insurance in the works, says Najib

Government looking into workers' insurance scheme to cover their expenses while looking for new jobs.