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Tag: society

Iran says ‘blue girl’ football fan admitted ‘mistake’

The woman's death sparked outrage online, with celebrities and activists using the hashtag #blue_girl to urge Fifa to ban Iran from competitions.

‘Rebel’ Saudi women shun obligatory abaya robe

Women in Saudi Arabia mounted a rare social media protest against the dress code restriction.

Taboo-breaking TV soap on sex and women has Senegal in a...

In conservative Senegal, where even an on-screen kiss is rare, the self-described monitors of public morality are in uproar.

Choir helps Rio’s homeless sing a different tune

The choir was originally set up for the Rio Olympics but has kept going by the city’s government.

New Malaysia? No, only a new Putrajaya, says Wan Saiful

PPBM strategist says much needs to be done before a new Malaysia takes shape and PH may end up being a one-term government if it fails to carry out promised reforms.

How much do we really know about our mindset?

There is a difference between the victory over corruption and cronyism and a true opening up of democratic ideals.

Japan medical university cut women’s test scores

Bribery investigations into the admission of a senior education ministry official's son found scores were manipulated to favour men more than women and thus reduce the number of women admitted.

Thinking Muslims and the denial syndrome

Muslims must be exposed to more straightforward opinions, no matter how painful they can be.

‘Look, a woman driver!’: Saudis tackle onslaught of sexism

Social media is awash with videos of women behind the wheel and men in the passenger seat, a role reversal that was unimaginable in the conservative petrostate until a royal decree last September ended a decades-long women driving ban.

Saudi women driving ban ends

The lifting of the ban, which follows a sweeping crackdown on women activists, is part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's reform drive to modernise the conservative petrostate.

Saudi women’s fitness centre shut over ‘vulgar’ video

The video showed a woman with uncovered hair cavorting around what appeared to be a gym and kicking a punching bag.

Pakistan police arrest 10 men for ordering ‘revenge rape’

Police in central Pakistan have arrested 10 men for ordering the rape of a woman as revenge for a rape allegedly committed by her brother, officials said Tuesday.

Is Malaysia doing well? It’s complicated, says economist

Yeah Kim Leng says variables like geographical location, segments of society and type of industry affect diagnosis of economy.

Not to be sniffed at: BO haters more likely to vote...

Smells listed in the questionnaires included breath, sweat, feet, faeces, urine and gas -- the participants' own and that of strangers.

Something borrowed: grooms and guests for hire in Vietnam

"It's good to spend a bit of money and make everyone happy. We settled the headaches in peace," one explained.

Iraq’s girl weightlifters also boost family finances

The women's team is sponsored by the police club, which pays each of its eight members a monthly salary of $400 to $800 -- a considerable sum for some families.

‘Defanged’ Saudi religious police bring relief, foreboding

For decades the "mutawa", as they are known, chastised women with bright nail polish or reprimanded men seeking contact with the opposite sex.

Enough with ‘pondan’ and other media distortions of transgenders

News editors and journalists must be more considerate when reporting on transgender issues as the words we use do matter.

Razak Baginda: Religion has a negative impact on education system

Centre for Global Affairs (ICON) president also questions the role education has played in society, and says society has come off worse.

Vandalism: Borne out of bad governance and poor leadership?

Vandalism may be the expression of people who are frustrated and disillusioned with the dichotomy between what they are told and what they experience.

Time to break the stigma on old folks’ homes

Caretakers say sending elderly parents to nursing homes does not mean they are being 'dumped' but helps ensure they receive necessary care and medical attention.

Court rejects Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia’s bid to be lawful society

The home minister's decision to reject the registration application is not irrational as the Selangor Fatwa Committee has ruled that HTM’s Islamic teachings are deviant, says High Court.

Ostracising those born out of wedlock un-Islamic, says group

A volunteer group which combats baby dumping and sale laments society's attitude towards unwed pregnant women.

Rafidah ‘sick and tired’ of people labelling each other

Former minister says no religion says that others should be belittled.