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Taxi and Grab drivers urged to sign up for Socso

So far, only about 13,000 drivers have done so, says Deputy Human Resources Minister Mahfuz Omar.

Socso dismisses cabbies’ claim of lack of clarity in protection scheme

The organisation says a total of 1,324 town hall sessions have been held to explain the scheme and its benefits since it was introduced in 2017.

Govt tells Socso to extend scheme to farmers, fishermen

Self-employed workers should also receive protection in the event of an accident, says minister.

Keluarga pekerja yang mati, cedera tidak mendapat pampasan, kata kesatuan

Ramai pekerja yang tercedera berasa takut untuk menuntut pampasan kerana tidak mahu kehilangan kerja mereka.

Changes in EPF, Socso schemes on the way to boost financial...

EPF and Socso are preparing a blueprint amid concerns that savings are not enough for retirees.

Socso promises tough action over fraudulent claims

Socso says its services are free and there is no need for middlemen.

2 employers fined for late submission of accident reports to Socso

The magistrate says the delay in submitting the reports had caused the workers' next of kin to wait for their Socso benefits.

Socso beritahu kenapa kurang pemandu teksi daftar skim insurans

Angka Kementerian Sumber Manusia menunjukkan hanya 7,774 (7.7%) daripada 100,000 pemandu teksi menyumbang kepada Socso sehingga 7 Jan tahun ini.

Socso tells why so few cabbies register for insurance scheme

It says many see insurance coverage as a burden.

Automation behind bulk of job losses this year, says Socso

Socso says the manufacturing and construction industries recorded the highest number of job losses in 2018.

Amend laws before foreign workers’ wages can be deducted, says Socso

Its deputy chief executive (corporate) Azlaily Abdul Rahman says the country must also sign an MoU with the source country.

Activists slam proposal to deduct foreign workers’ wages

They say the suggestion goes against human rights principles and encourages bonded labour.

Sabah to pay players’ salary arrears before Xmas

The 5 months' salary arrears and other benefits amount to RM6 million.

How to contribute to Socso when we earn pittance, ask cabbies

They say they are aware of the importance of having insurance coverage but they just can't afford it.

93% of e-hailing, taxi drivers don’t contribute to Socso, says Kula

The human resources ministry is working with the transport ministry on a mechanism to bar these drivers from renewing their licence if they refuse to contribute to Socso.

Bar Council hails move to put foreign workers under Socso

Putrajaya's decision is seen as in line with international labour standards.

NGOs welcome Socso protection for foreign workers

MTUC says the move is long overdue while Tenaganita says a monitoring system should be set up to ensure transparency in the deduction of monthly wages.

Foreign workers, maids to be covered under Socso from next year

Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran says it is in line with the international labour convention, ratified by Malaysia some years back.

E-hailing, taxi drivers must register with Socso from Nov 1

Human resources ministry is proposing that drivers show proof they are contributing to sceheme when renewing their licence.

Bigger perspective needed of social security

There should be a contributory social protection scheme for freelancers for workplace injuries, accident protection and other contingencies.

Zakri Khir is new Socso boss

The Allianz General Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad CEO takes over from Aseh Che Mat on Oct 8.

Government must encourage people to save, economists say

Yeah Kim Leng says the government should enact a special social security net for those who are not in formal sectors while Barjoyai Bardai suggests prioritising insurance over EPF savings.

More than RM600 mil in Socso payout last year

The Social Security Organisation is working with the police to reduce the high accident and death rates at 'black spot' areas.

Housewives’ EPF: Looking for ways around the law

Government agencies and departments to meet in August at a special conference to look into technicalities such as EPF Acts' protection of members' contributions.