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Anwar’s ex-speech writer makes new bid to clear name

Lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon says Munawar Ahmad Anees will ask for damages for 'lost life' or a fresh trial to set aside his false conviction for sodomy.

‘Monster dad’ gets 8 years less on 2 of 623 rape,...

High Court sentences man, on appeal, to 40 years in jail on two charges of sodomising and raping his teenage daughter, and fixes another day for mention of the remaining 621 convictions.

Pardons Board meets tomorrow to discuss Anwar’s petition

Attorney-General Apandi Ali, who has been asked to go on leave, will be represented by another person, says lawyer Sivarasa Rasiah.

Man seeks review of jail sentence on 600 charges of rape,...

Lawyers argue in High Court that all 623 charges were not read to the man and that he was not asked if he wanted a lawyer to defend him during the trial.

May 23 case mention for volunteer charged with sodomising tahfiz students

This after the deputy public prosecutor informed the court that she had yet to receive the medical report on the victims.

Anwar’s family wants re-test of DNA evidence

Free Anwar movement coordinator Yusmadi Yusoff claims samples were obtained by trickery.

Man jailed 48 years for raping daughter makes bid to reduce...

The man who was jailed 48 years and given 24 strokes of the cane last year on over 600 charges of raping, sodomising and sexually assaulting his daughter gets the services of a lawyer to appeal for sentence reduction.

14 years for man who sodomised neighbour’s child

The offence was committed at an apartment in Bandar Baru Bangi two years ago.

Donor held on suspicion of sodomising 6 tahfiz students

Police say 41-year-old suspect has been regularly donating daily necessities and clothing to the centre since 2015.

Shafee: I gave interview, attended forum to defend judiciary

The lawyer says he was disappointed with Anwar's lawyer, Malaysian Bar, AG and judiciary for the opposition leader's attack on judges.

Anwar’s suit can’t stand as wrong party named, says govt lawyer

Anwar Ibrahim should have named the attorney-general, acting in his capacity as public prosecutor in criminal cases, and not the government, says Awang Armadajaya Awang Mahmud in Anwar’s suit alleging fraud by the government in convicting him of sodomy.

Anwar to court: As prisoner, I am unable to get needed...

Anwar Ibrahim says he has no freedom to get documents regarding his interview with the police in prison following his report against Umno candidate Mazlan Ismail for defamation.

‘Wrong to say Anwar’s term can be increased for making statements’

If other prisoners can write books behind bars, why can't a former politician make a simple statement, lawyer SN Nair asks Nur Jazlan.

Anwar to be released on June 8, says Prisons DG

Zulkifli Omar says he will be set free on the Friday as the actual date of the end of his period in prison is June 10, which falls on a weekend.

I’m the victim not Anwar, Saiful tells Mahathir

Saiful Bukhari reminds Dr Mahathir Mohamad of their meeting in October 2014, just months before Anwar Ibrahim lost his final appeal against a sodomy charge.

Mahathir, lawyer push Putrajaya for Anwar’s immediate release

PH chairman and US human rights lawyer say the jailed opposition leader’s medical care is hampered by his incarceration.

Ex-warden gets jail, whipping for sex crimes against underage boys

Muhammad Adib Sufyan was sentenced by two courts, with the jail sentences to run consecutively from today.

Anwar’s image, charisma blinded Mahathir, says ex-minister

Zainuddin Maidin says police were initially afraid to inform Dr Mahathir Mohamad about allegations against his protege due to the trust he had in Anwar Ibrahim.

Free Anwar now, and here are the reasons, says his international...

Kimberley Motley says Anwar is in hospital, has already served more than 1,000 days, and the world is watching how Malaysia treats its citizens, especially this ‘prisoner of conscience’.

Anwar’s shoulder surgery a success, says family

He is not allowed visitors to reduce chances of infection.

Husni challenged to repeat sodomy allegation against Anwar outside Parliament

Saying the allegation by the Tambun MP that Anwar had sodomised his nephew is baseless, Anwar’s ex-lawyer SN Nair urges Husni to be ‘man enough’ to repeat it outside the Dewan Rakyat.

PH MPs: Jawi must probe Husni over ‘kaki liwat’ remarks in...

They claim the Tambun MP has tarnished the image of the lower house and there should be no personal attacks in Parliament.

PKR man dares Husni to repeat new sodomy claim against Anwar

Sungai Petani MP says it is unfair for Tambun MP to make accusations against Anwar Ibrahim when he is not able to defend himself.

Govt will know on Oct 24 if successful in striking out...

Anwar’s lawyers argue in High Court that Shafee Abdullah was not a fair prosecutor in Anwar's sodomy case because Shafee allegedly received RM9.5 million from Najib Razak.