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Tag: Soldiers

Trump withdraws 1,000 US troops from northern Syria 

Trump has been accused of abandoning a loyal ally in the fight against IS after ordering the troops withdrawal.

Retired colonel laments lack of unity of nation he lost leg...

Wishes Malaysia could revert to when race and religion didn't create divisions.

‘How I faced down a rebel chief’, retired general recounts encounter...

It's a story that the retired army man never tires of telling, especially to young people who may not know the cost of securing the peace.

N-day honour for soldier who lost right leg to landmine

Policeman who killed 12 communist terrorists also receives an award from Sultan of Perak.

Why lack of effort to search for 2 missing soldiers, asks...

He says it has been 28 days since the soldiers from Sarawak went missing while on duty in Pulau Perak, Kedah.

We’re trained to kill, not for cheap labour, veterans tell tycoon

Patriot hits back at Koon Yew Yin for saying that armed forces personnel are 'doing nothing except eating and sleeping'.

Families of missing soldiers want personal belongings returned

No sign of Cpl David Edmund Rapi and L/Cpl Moses Logers of 4th Rangers, found to be missing at late-night roll call.

Families of missing Sarawakian soldiers want search to resume

The duo went missing while on duty on Pulau Perak, Kedah, on July 19.

Two British soldiers injured in Syria by IS missile

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the pair were part of the international anti-jihadist coalition, led by the United States.

UK steps up no-deal Brexit plans with 3,500 soldiers on standby

The postponed vote has left members of the prime minister's own party and Labour opposition politicians infuriated.

Indonesia military continues search for Papua massacre victims

Jakarta officially annexed Papua in 1969 with a UN-backed vote, widely seen as a sham.

Obama brands Trump’s border deployment plan a ‘political stunt’

Obama urges more decisive action by Americans who have grown frustrated by the first 21 months of Trump's presidency.

Erdogan vows to “finish” Kurdish militants in Iraq to avenge dead...

Speaking to members of his ruling AK Party at the start of a two-day summit in the outskirts of Ankara, Erdogan said the PKK would pay the price for the eight soldiers.

Six killed in Kashmir, days after India cancels Pakistan talks

The incidents in northern Tangdhar area, near the heavily militarised Himalayan frontier dividing the nuclear-armed neighbours, could not be independently verified.

Taliban kill dozens in attacks across north Afghanistan

Heavy fighting overnight in four provinces followed a wave of violence across the war-torn country in recent weeks that has left hundreds of civilians, police and soldiers dead.

Old soldiers fondly remember a lost multi-racial military

The Malaysian military must stop shooting itself in the foot with barriers to ethnic minorities.

Nigerian soldiers protest as Boko Haram attacks surge

They were furious about a planned redeployment to a battlefront in the remote Lake Chad region after fighting Boko Haram jihadists for years without relief.

Remains of 16 Kiwi soldiers get special send-off

The remains, together with 12 more, will be sent home on Aug 20.

N.Korea’s Kim Jong Un wants soldiers’ diets improved

On a visit to a military rations factory, Kim said it should produce tasty and nutritious food to substantially contribute to improving the diet of the servicepersons.

Cameroon arrests four soldiers suspected of executing women and children

The executions took place in Cameroon's Far North Region.

Turkey orders 271 soldiers detained in Gulen probe

Turkey ordered the detention of 271 soldiers in an operation targeting alleged supporters of the U.S.-based Islamic cleric.

Mali says some soldiers implicated after mass graves found

In the past, the Malian military has been accused of extrajudicial killings, kidnappings, torture, and making arbitrary arrests.

Pyongyang may soon return US soldier remains

The US and North Korean leaders agreed to the repatriations during their historic June 12 summit in Singapore.

Warm words from North Korea on Cold War frontier

On the world's last Cold War frontier, propaganda broadcasts have fallen silent and soldiers from the North are hopeful a historic summit will herald a new era for their country.