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Tag: South China Sea dispute

South China Sea oil deal tops agenda in Duterte-Xi meeting

China wants to 'expand practical cooperation to ensure steady and sustained progress' in its ties with the Philippines through the meeting, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman says.

US, Southeast Asia to hold first ever joint maritime drill

The move is likely to further irk China in the wake of Washington's latest US$8 billion arms sales to self-ruling Taiwan, which Beijing views as part of its territory.

China, Vietnam, spar on high seas over US$2.5 trillion in energy

Vietnam has persistently rejected China’s nine-dash line map of the sea as a basis for cooperating on energy resources, prompting tensions to increase as Beijing’s military strength grows.

US ‘deeply concerned’ by China’s interference in Vietnam’s oil and gas...

The US calls into serious question Beijing's commitment to a peaceful resolution of maritime disputes in the South China Sea.

US accuses China of ‘bullying’ in South China Sea

China’s recent escalation of efforts to intimidate others out of developing resources in the South China Sea is disturbing, says US national security advisor John Bolton.

Philippines’ Duterte to visit Beijing amid China sea tensions

Beijing claims most of the South China Sea, including waters close to Philippine shores, and has ignored a 2016 international tribunal ruling that declared their assertion as without basis.

Philippine military warns on Chinese investment in key islands

Duterte has overseen improved economic ties with China when he set aside a sovereignty dispute over islands and waters in the South China Sea that Beijing claims almost in its entirety.

Philippines’ Duterte plans China visit to discuss South China Sea ruling

The trip would come at a time when China is receiving international pushback over the conduct of coastguard and fishing militia in disputed areas of the South China Sea.

EU criticises ‘militarisation’ of South China Sea

China has been accused of deploying warships, arming outposts and ramming fishing vessels in the resource-rich sea, sparking ire from other claimants.

Pompeo says US not asking Asean allies to ‘choose’ on China

Pompeo assures Asian nations that US remains as a key player in the region while China builds its military presence in the South China Sea.

China warns outsiders not to ‘sow distrust’ in South China Sea

China is strongly against foreign interferences especially by the United States over the South China Sea dispute.

‘We can’t hide anything’ say Cambodians at alleged China base

'You journalists. Open your eyes and noses. Today we show you everything,' says a Cambodian defence ministry spokesman.

Vietnam demands ‘immediate withdrawal’ of China ship in disputed sea

China has not confirmed the presence of its ships in the area.

Cambodia denies deal to allow armed Chinese forces at its naval...

Such an arrangement would boost China's ability to assert contested territorial claims and economic interests in the South China Sea, challenging US allies in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam says Chinese vessel violated its sovereignty in South China Sea

Vietnam and China are embroiled in a years-long dispute over the potentially energy-rich stretch of waters in the South China Sea.

Vietnam, China embroiled in South China Sea standoff

China's U-shaped 'nine-dash line' marks a vast expanse of the South China Sea that it claims, including large oil-filled chunks of Vietnam's continental shelf.

Pentagon says China missile test in South China Sea ‘disturbing’

The Pentagon says a recent Chinese missile launch in the South China Sea is 'disturbing' and contrary to Chinese pledges that it would not militarise the disputed waterway.

Beijing confirms Chinese trawler hit Philippine boat

Beijing confirms that a Chinese vessel hit a Philippine fishing boat in a collision which has increased tensions in the disputed South China Sea but denies claims it was a 'hit and run'.

China using military ‘investments’ to win friends in Malaysia, Asean

In an attempt to counter the US’ influence in the region, and to have a stronger say in the dispute over the South China Sea islands, China is strengthening military ties with Malaysia and other Asean nations.

China ships patrol Malaysian territory despite better ties

Three China coastguard vessels patrolled the Luconia Shoals that belong to Malaysia in January and February, says report.

Malaysia keeping eye on China vessels in disputed territory

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency says, together with the Malaysian navy, it is patrolling the Luconia Shoals to check on intrusions by China vessels into Malaysian waters.

Kadir questions Najib’s tilt towards China

PPBM man says railways and Bandar Malaysia projects fit into China's dream of a new Silk Road.