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Tag: South China Sea

Beijing confirms Chinese trawler hit Philippine boat

Beijing confirms that a Chinese vessel hit a Philippine fishing boat in a collision which has increased tensions in the disputed South China Sea but denies claims it was a 'hit and run'.

Philippines blasts ‘cowardly Chinese boat’ over sinking

The boat on Sunday hit a Filipino craft anchored near Reed Bank causing it to sink and leaving 22 crewmen 'to the mercy of the elements'.

US bulks up Coast Guard in Pacific to counter China’s fleet

The ships will help 'law enforcement and capacity-building in the fisheries enforcement realm,' says Vice Admiral Fagan.

US to sell RM80 million spy drones to Malaysia as tension...

This comes in the wake of strong words exchanged between US and China during a regional security summit.

Australia pilots hit by lasers during South China Sea flights

Are Chinese militia behind the laser attacks on Australian navy pilots in the South China Sea?

Beijing denounces US warship sail-by in South China Sea

China calls the US warship sail by the South China Sea as a violation of its sovereignty as high trade tensions between both countries continue.

US warship sails in disputed S.China Sea amid trade tensions

The busy waterway is one of a growing number of flashpoints in the US-China relationship, which also include a trade war, US sanctions and Taiwan.

Tussle with US forcing China to seek support of smaller neighbours,...

Hong Kong-based daily says Malaysia thwarting efforts by China to have bilateral mechanism to solve South China Sea dispute.

Countries challenge Beijing with naval drills in S.China Sea

The week of joint drills comes after two other US warships sailed near islands in the region claimed by China.

Two US warships sail in disputed South China Sea

The operation is the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as Beijing's efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters.

China expresses regret S.China Sea issue has harmed UK ties

China was infuriated by a voyage last August by the HMS Albion near the Paracel Islands, calling it a 'provocation'.

Philippines says won’t bar Chinese proposals for shipyard takeover

In January, Hanjin Philippines filed for court rehabilitation proceedings as it grappled with a slump in the global shipping and shipbuilding industry.

Protesters warn of Chinese ‘invasion’ of Philippines

Filipino flag-waving marchers chanted "China out" and brandished a banner saying "Defend our sovereign rights".

US will be Philippines’ only military ally, Foreign Chief says

The US is “the only world power that is a bastion of democracy and human rights, is and will remain our only military ally.

Philippines’ Duterte warns China to back off disputed island

Manila has been aiming to attract trade and investment from the Asian superpower.

Philippines calls Chinese ships ‘illegal’ near disputed island

Earlier this week the Philippines had filed a diplomatic protest over the presence of the ships.

Duterte calls China a friend amid South China Sea tensions

China isn’t after Philippine territory and hasn’t asked for anything in exchange for the weapons and aid it’s given the Philippines, Duterte said

Philippines protests over Chinese vessels in disputed waters

Last month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assured the Philippines it would come to its defence if it came under attack in the South China Sea.

Dr M against warships stationed in South China Sea

The prime minister says sea routes should remain open and free for all vessels.

Indonesia seeks to assert authority in waters in South China Sea

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Pandjaitan says the Natuna Islands on the edge of the South China Sea will be developed into a fishing hub.

UK finance minister forced to axe trip to China

Hammond was set to visit China for trade talks but has axed the trip after Beijing reacted angrily this week to news of a warship's planned deployment to the Pacific.

US destroyers sail in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions

China defends its military installations in South China Sea and blames US for tensions created between the two.

US Navy ship sails in South China Sea amid talks with...

China claims almost all of the strategic waters, and frequently lambasts the US and its allies for freedom of navigation naval operations near Chinese-occupied islands.

China’s Xi calls on army to be battle-ready

China is keen to beef up its armed forces amid territorial disputes in the South China Sea and escalating tension with the United States.