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Tag: South China Sea

Censors order controversial China map cut from the movie ‘Abominable’

The animated movie has stirred controversy in countries contesting Beijing's claims in the South China Sea.

We need bigger ships to face ‘giants’ in South China Sea,...

The foreign affairs minister says Malaysia lacks resources to monitor situation in disputed waters.

Minister tells Filipinos to boycott Hollywood film over China-centric map

‘Abominable’ shows U-shaped line illustrating Beijing’s claims over disputed South China Sea areas.

Vietnam calls for restraint in maritime dispute with China

Its leader however says to 'never compromise' on sovereignty.

Vietnam pulls ‘Abominable’ for showing ‘nine-dash line’ scene

Authorities revoke license for DreamWorks' animated film over controversial South China Sea map.

We’re too small to stand up to China, says Dr M

We watch and report what they are doing, but we do not try to be aggressive, says prime minister.

States can be cruel but UN can’t do anything, says Dr...

Speaking to students at Columbia University, he also says it will prove detrimental to China if it blocks the South China Sea to ships.

Pentagon steps up efforts to counter China’s rising power

Defence Secretary Mark Esper has made clear that the US wants to rapidly deploy new missiles in Asia, possibly within months, to counter China's rising military power.

US destroyer sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade talks

The move by the US challenges the restriction on passage imposed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam in the South China Sea.

South China Sea dialogue mechanism set up with China

Chinese diplomat Wang Yi voices commitment to jointly safeguarding peace and stability in the South China Sea.

Duterte says Xi offering gas deal if arbitration case ignored

China will agree to be the junior partner in a joint venture to develop gas deposits at the Reed Bank, if the Philippines ignores an international arbitral award that went against Beijing.

Warships and aircraft ready for first US-Asean maritime drills

The drills come at a time of stepped-up US engagement in the region and tensions between Beijing and Southeast Asian nations over the South China Sea

Beijing refuses to ‘budge’ on South China Sea, says Philippines

Duterte is under growing pressure at home to challenge China, with tensions high after a Chinese fishing trawler hit and sank a Filipino boat in June in the contested waters.

Xi says ‘bigger step’ possible in offshore oil, gas development with...

Chinese President Xi Jinping's remarks come amid a recent rise in tension on multiple fronts.

US warship sails near South China Sea islands claimed by China

The busy waterway is one of a growing number of flashpoints in the US-Chinese relationship.

US warship sailing in disputed South China Sea angers Beijing

The busy waterway is one of a growing number of flash points in the US-China relationship.

Beijing accuses US of hyping up South China Sea tensions

The Pentagon says China has resumed its coercive interference in Vietnam's longstanding oil and gas activities in the South China Sea.

China, Vietnam, spar on high seas over US$2.5 trillion in energy

Vietnam has persistently rejected China’s nine-dash line map of the sea as a basis for cooperating on energy resources, prompting tensions to increase as Beijing’s military strength grows.

US ‘deeply concerned’ by China’s interference in Vietnam’s oil and gas...

The US calls into serious question Beijing's commitment to a peaceful resolution of maritime disputes in the South China Sea.

US accuses China of ‘bullying’ in South China Sea

China’s recent escalation of efforts to intimidate others out of developing resources in the South China Sea is disturbing, says US national security advisor John Bolton.

Philippines’ Duterte to visit Beijing amid China sea tensions

Beijing claims most of the South China Sea, including waters close to Philippine shores, and has ignored a 2016 international tribunal ruling that declared their assertion as without basis.

Chinese ship leaves Vietnam in South China Sea standoff

As the United States challenges China's claim of the South China Sea, a Chinese ship leaves Vietnam waters. 

Philippine military warns on Chinese investment in key islands

Duterte has overseen improved economic ties with China when he set aside a sovereignty dispute over islands and waters in the South China Sea that Beijing claims almost in its entirety.

Philippines’ Duterte plans China visit to discuss South China Sea ruling

The trip would come at a time when China is receiving international pushback over the conduct of coastguard and fishing militia in disputed areas of the South China Sea.