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World’s top sovereign fund grows despite volatile markets

The Bank of Norway, which manages the country's sovereign wealth fund, says the fund has returned 3%, or 256 billion kroner, in the second quarter of this year.

Norway fund may have to offload $1 bln stake in Glencore...

This comes as the Norwegian parliament agrees to no longer invest in companies that mine more than 20 million tonnes of coal annually.

`Bar is higher’ as tech shares soar, Singapore wealth fund says

Singapore's sovereign wealth fund head says recent regulators have embraced the need for radical innovation.

Loophole lets Norway’s US$1 trillion fund boost its coal exposure

Despite a 2015 ban, Norway’s massive sovereign wealth fund has increased its exposure to coal reserves.

Norway wealth fund calls for independence, expertise on company boards

The fund funnels Norway's revenues from offshore oil and gas production into stocks, bonds and property abroad. It owns 1.4% of all globally listed shares.

Norway’s US$1 trillion fund Is defended after `propaganda’ attack

A majority in Norway’s parliament is leaning toward supporting the fund’s proposal, but the expert commission’s recommendation against the plan made the final outcome less clear.

Russian sovereign wealth fund plans more investments with Alibaba after JV

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, joined forces with RDIF and two technology firms in Russia, hoping to access their client base of more than 100 million people.

Saudi fund in talks to invest in Tesla buyout deal

The Saudi wealth fund’s current stake in the company is valued at about $2 billion. The government is planning to turn the PIF into a $2 trillion powerhouse to help diversify the kingdom’s oil-dependent economy.

MCA: Is there a need to restructure Khazanah?

Its deputy president Wee Ka Siong says short-term losses did not necessarily erase the possibility of long-term gains

Japan mulls sovereign wealth fund for US infrastructure investment

The proposal for the fund includes converting money raised into foreign currency if the yen strengthens beyond 100 yen to the dollar, a move that might incur criticism of currency manipulation.

China Investment Corp seeks to invest locally

Investors willing to bear with near-term risks might find domestics stocks appealing.

Khazanah lost RM9 bil in 2 years, under pressure to perform

With Khazanah Nasional making an average annual return of below 1%, and the EPF making over 5% annually, some are lobbying for changes in its management and investment strategy, says report.

Report: Khazanah Nasional top job up for grabs?

Sources reveal managing director Azman Mokhtar's departure in May 2019 may see in-house and external candidates vying for the role.

Apandi: Bar’s call on DoJ action makes no sense

Attorney-general says he is unable to comment on ‘senseless’ statement by Malaysian Bar that claims by US Department of Justice be investigated in Malaysia as well.

1MDB: Bar wants AG to seek info from DoJ

Bar president George Varughese says the integrity and credibility of Malaysia’s financial institutions and regulatory bodies rest on the government’s response to civil suits filed in the US.

MACC chief told to recuse himself from 1MDB investigations

MP Ramkarpal Singh says Dzulkifli was working in the Attorney-General’s Chambers when it cleared the prime minister of any wrongdoing in receiving money from a 1MDB subsidiary.

‘MACC setting dangerous precedent leaving 1MDB probe to police’

Lawyer and MP Ramkarpal says MACC must not be influenced by any quarter in probing corruption allegations.

Dzulkifli: Police, not MACC will investigate 1MDB

MACC chief commissioner says it has been decided in government that investigations will be left to the police.